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Danone Says the Proffer Ban Was Made Out of Time

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Danone Says the Proffer Ban Was Made Out of Time

This morning the trends were dominated by the prohibition ordered by the Ministry of Economy (SE), with the assistance of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer), of the sale of products from brands such as Philadelphia, Out of Time Leila, FUD, Danone, Christmas Eve or Wan.

Among cheeses and yogurts, the companies suffered a blow to the reputation of certain products, for being listed as “cheese” and “natural yogurt” that do not comply with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standards.

The SE indicated, through a statement, that fines were imposed and will impose on offenders in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Russian Federation Email List Infrastructure Law. In other words, some of the cheeses and yogurts of these brands could no longer be found in the supermarket, at least in Mexico.

Faced with such news, some of the companies involved immediately rejected the ban and gave their version of events. The first to make themselves known were those of Group Layla and Demimonde Mexico.

With the help of technology, the miracle of Christmas is fulfilled!
Demimonde Mexico responded that its American-type processed cheese from Philadelphia, in two presentations: “reduced in fat” and “normal”, does not involve any of the Philadelphia cream cheese presentations marketed in Mexico, due to the confusion for thousands of consumers, who They expressed their surprise on social networks.

Meanwhile, Group Leila said that the statement they made about their product, sliced ​​lactose Comanche cheese of 400 grams was not due to lack of milk but because the country of origin of the product was not clearly indicated: “At Group Leila, we work every day to elaborate quality nutritious food that generates well-being for people during all stages of life. All our food fully complies with the standards that regulate them ”.

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Danone refutes the case
In the case of products offered as “natural yogurt”, the brands banned are Danone Ben Castro and Danone Natural for the addition of sugars and non-compliance with the minimum milk content.

Previously, Proffer had identified the company among the yogurt brands that have more sugar than a soft drink, the first Lyallpur milk-free drinkable yogurt with strawberry (33.1 grams) and Danone Ben Castro natural 240 grams (32.7 grams of sweetener). Meanwhile, Danone Yogurt to drink natural 220 g as “has less protein than indicated by the norm (3.1 percent)”. It can be consulted at this link.

But, in the new case, the brand indicates that the Proffer ban was made out of time, because in reality, when notified, they changed the label and therefore “the request for product immobilization is untimely, due to the fact that the information on the labels of the indicated products has already been modified ”.

His textual and official response is as follows:

“As a result of the study published in the October issue of the Consumer Magazine, the Federal Attorney for the Consumer made observations on the designation on the label of the products Gastronome Yogurt natural flavor (content 240 grams) and Danone mobile lead Yogurt Drinkable Natural flavor (content net 220 grams), which were paid from October 1 of this present, that is, Danone sent its customers a product with a new labeling.

It is important to mention that said request for immobilization of the product is untimely, because the information on the labels of the indicated products has already been modified and this situation was duly made known to the Authorities ”.

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