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The Anglicisms of Inbound Marketing: do you Dare to Translate Them?

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The Anglicisms of Inbound Marketing: do you Dare to Translate Them?

Talking about marketing is talking about communication and talking about communication is talking about words. Belize Email Address Choosing the right words at the right time can be crucial, right? And speak properly too. At Inbound Cycle we are very aware of the importance of good use of the language, therefore, every week the agency’s team of linguists share curiosities and linguistic tricks applicable to our day-to-day with the rest of our colleagues .

In this article, I focus on inboundanglicisms to introduce you to some of the most common Anglicism’s in inbound marketing and in the business world . Because talking about marketing and talking about business is also “speaking in English” or rather “saying many words in English”.

Common Anglicisms in Inbound Marketing and the Business World

The anglicisms of inbound marketing: do you dare to translate them?
, surely you often use many concepts mobi lelead in English that you would be unable to translate or that you would not even think of doing. The very term marketing confirms this:

although in some Latin American countries it is common to talk about marketing ,

the equivalent in Spanish has not managed to unseat the term in English.

And do you know that a briefing is the same as a report? These are just two examples

Most of the examples are lexical rubbings,   words that we adopt entirely  English without any variation, but there are also some semantic rubbings,

what we popularly know as false friends ,

those words that may seem in shape,

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