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Crime Podcasts: Solve the Most Enigmatic Stories With IVoox at Movistar Home

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Crime Podcasts: Solve the Most Enigmatic Stories With IVoox at Movistar Home

Does Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot sound familiar to you? The characters of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie have taught us that detectives are people with an intelligence,

a sense of smell and a reasoning that surpasses that of any common being.

The mystery genre is also on the big screen, with iconic films such as LA Confidencial ,

Sed de Mal or Psicosis, available in the Movistar + content catalog.

And now, can you imagine being able to start living this kind of story? This is what podcasts provide; travel to other times, know cultures or live adventures . A narration accompanied by sound elements that allow you to delve into different stories and take you to other settings. Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email Address Because just as thriller and suspense have always been one of the favorite genres of cinema and literature, now we can also enjoy these stories in podcast version. If you are a curious person, who reasons things and is disturbed by the mystery, read on.

The four best crime and mystery podcasts on Movistar Home

Over the years there have been many mysteries about disappearances and crimes that have remained unsolved. These four podcasts allow you to learn the stories of some of the real cases that have most surprised the world .

” The Lord of Crimes”:  the generational changeover of the mysterious narrative taken to the podcast
The quality of this podcast is better understood if we say that Francisco Pérez Caballero,   author of the podcast, is the son of Francisco Pérez Abellán.

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He transmitted his passion for research to his son and transmitted his knowledge to him,   becoming a specialized reporter at street level for 20 years.

In each chapter it tells the story of a murderer, with his crime and his motivation .

Here he tells us the story of a murderer with a in which he hid to continue committing his crimes.

How to listen to the best podcasts about crimes and mystery in Movistar Home

Crime podcasts: solve the most enigmatic stories with iVoox at Movistar Home

If you liked what you’ve read… You’re in luck! This is just a first clue of what you can discover at Movistar Home . To be able to access all iVoox content, you don’t need to solve a case or be a detective, just be a Fusion Client .

Thanks to Movistar Home there are different ways to access content in a simple and comfortable way.  We have already seen with Sherlock Holmes that even one of the most gifted.

minds in literature needs a Watson.  just say I want to listen to the and it will take you to the entire selection of audios.

These are some of the characteristics of Movistar Home, mobile lead if you want to know more, discover here all the available functionalities.

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