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Learn how to Recover Your Instagram Account With Hack by Security in Movistar Campus

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Learn how to Recover Your Instagram Account With Hack by Security in Movistar Campus

According to a study on cybercrime carried out by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior,   almost 4 out of 10 users have been victims of cybercrime on social networks.

When we share what we eat, our vacations,   pets and information about our professional development through different means such as Instagram,   Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter,   it always carries the risk of someone stealing confidential information.

In this scenario of so much digital exposure, it is essential that we are aware that, Denmark Email List if we do not protect our social networks, we can be an easy target for cybercriminals.

Thanks to the integration of Hack by Security in the Living App of Movistar Campus ,  you can enjoy directly from the television the training it offers for all types of users without technical knowledge.

This course will allow you to learn how to protect your accounts,   recover them and even block and report users on different social networks .

How to recover your Instagram account and more cybersecurity content

account and want to recover them to be able to republish your photos from this summer, read on. First you will have to access the application with your mobile phone, then click on

In the event that you enter your email, you will receive a security code to your inbox. On the other hand, if you have entered a mobile phone number to retrieve the credentials,    you will receive this security code via SMS. Enter it in the application and click

Apart from the course to recover your Instagram account,  which is available on Movistar Campus in short video format so that anyone can understand it,   you also have more courses in this module 1 of Hack by Security.

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How to access Hack by Security courses from your ecover your Instagram

Learn how to recover your Instagram account with Hack by Security in Movistar Campus

If you are a Movistar Fusión customer   and you  access Movistar   through the  UHD Decoder  or  UHD Smart WiFi Decoder , you ‘re in luck ! You can watch Hack by Security videos to protect your social networks through Living Apps. First, enter the ” Apps  and discover everything about your online protection.

We are committed to bringing learning to the big screen of your television, since  Living Apps offer many training possibilities for  both adults and children. mobile lead You have a wide variety of educational content such as courses to learn English  or  courses in digital skills , among many others

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