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Tips to Help Children Better Manage Their time With Video Games

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Tips to Help Children Better Manage Their time With Video Games

The eternal dilemma. Should I let my child play time in front of a screen, even if it seems like too much? Where is the limit? How many hours did you spend as a child playing video games or another activity to the point that your parents caught your attention? Video games and children is a topic that always raises doubts but for which, unfortunately, there is no single answer in any parent’s guide. Like everything when it comes to parenting.

For decades, the video game has been vilified and has been the target for all of humanity’s misfortunes . The same thing that happened to comics, music and even literature. But although today we are more aware that video Czechia B2B List games have their good part , especially those of us who have played and / or continue to play, mistrust still persists.

Here are four tips that will try to shed some light on the dilemma of how much playing time is advisable . Of course, choosing one solution or another will depend on the minor’s age and maturity. As in medici

children better manage their time with video games

Let’s start this guide for parents with a truism that often eludes us. In the vast majority of cases, the problem is not that your child plays video games . The problem is what it stops doing while it is playing. If you have certain responsibilities, both your own and in tasks that affect the whole family, and you put them aside, the problem is not that you spend a lot of time playing. The problem is that he does not take responsibility for his tasks .

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Have you met your academic obligations ? Have you done your assigned tasks ? So, go ahead and play. Putting playtime before other tasks implies a lack of maturity and responsibility that must be corrected. It doesn’t matter whether the culprit is a video game, riding a bike, or going to the movies.

On the other hand, the time for children to play video games should be limited to the rest of the activities of the day. In school period it is complicated, but not impossible. Especially if in addition to school hours you must deal with extracurricular activities . Basic routines like eating, resting, and education should take priority. From there, the limit is set by the time that the minor has to play.

Tips to help better manage time with video games

Tips to help children better manage their time with video games

It is clear that if we see video games as a waste of time , nothing you have read above will tell you anything. The less time you spend “killing marcianitos”, the better. By the way, what an old-fashioned expression. But like any leisure activity , it is a matter of taste.

There are activities that are better known than others. Read or play sports. Who would forbid a child to stop reading or playing his favorite sport? Well, if you spend so much time that it affects the rest of your daily routines , we should set some limits. The same goes for playing time spent on video games.

Playing is not bad. It is a way to have fun, exercise your reflexes, learn to make decisions, discover stories and characters in a different way than movies, books or comics, and, with online play, an opportunity to spend time with friends or meet new people. , despite the distance.

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Empathizing with the minor, being interested in their gambling habits or even playing with them can be a way to better understand and thus make better decisions by limiting or managing our children’s play time

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