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Where is the Movistar Car connected? We tell you how to activate it

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Where is the Movistar Car connected? We tell you how to activate it

Working in technology poses the challenge of staying constantly connected and informed. China Email List This is possible thanks to devices that facilitate Internet connection from anywhere, such as Movistar Car. If you travel in a connected vehicle, you can access valuable information even before arriving at the office. But, do you know where the Movistar Car connects ?

Movistar Car is a service that is accessed through the installation of a device and the configuration of an App. Its purpose is to turn a vehicle into a connected and intelligent car. In this way the driver and his companions will be able to access the advantages of the digital world.

Features and benefits of Movistar Car

  • Wifi. The car user and his companions will be able to have an exclusive, stable, reliable and strong internet connection. This wifi in the car will prevent them from having to consume the data of their mobile rate.
  • Emergency management. In the event of an impact, Movistar Car can help manage the emergency service available in the area where the incident occurred.
  • Car GPS. The Movistar Car application is a  that tells you where your car is through personalized alerts.

This information can be used to schedule the review of the car within the application. The App will help you find a nearby workshop, make an appointment and even provide directions to get there. Likewise, it is possible to use it to request a personalized estimate of the standard maintenance of the car

Step by step: where the Movistar Car connects

Where is the Movistar Car connected? We tell you how to activate it

1. Hire the service
To contract the service and know where the Movistar Car connects , it is necessary to have a mobile phone line. This telephone service may or may not be provided by Movistar. The contracting of the service is specified via the web, through a telephone call to number 1004 or in a Movistar store.

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Once the contract is finalized, the shipment and delivery of the device takes place. During the process, the applicant will receive SMS messages as a confirmation of each step.

2. Configure
Once the device has reached its destination, it is necessary to configure it. Of course, this step is prior to determining where the Movistar Car is connected . The configuration process is similar to that of other Apps: download the mobile app in Google Play or in the App Store for iOs. Once the download is complete, it will request the registration of personal data. Then the validation code will arrive.

Afterwards, the application will ask to scan the QR of the Movistar Car device. Once scanned, it will take you to a section where the device must be registered, associating it with the car where it will be used.

Movistar Car connected? We tell you how to activate it

Knowing where the Movistar Car is connected implies identifying the OBD or On Board Diagnostics port of the vehicle. OBD is the system access port that checks all the sensors in the car. mobile lead That is, it is the place where they connect in the workshops when they are going to carry out a car diagnosis.

Although its location depends on the vehicle, it is usually in the area of the driver’s feet: under the steering wheel or in the fuse box. Other manufacturers place the OBD connection on the part of the ashtray or on the passenger seat.

But there is no reason to worry. During registration, the Movistar Car app indicates where the OBD is usually located according to the car model . It also indicates if your car will require an extension cord.

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Once you know where the Movistar Car is connected, that is, the OBD port, you can proceed to link the car with the Movistar Car. The installation is almost ready.

Drive :
The final step is to drive for up to ten minutes with the device connected. This is the end of the Movistar Car installation process.

The process to install Movistar Car is quick and easy. One of the keys to getting it right is knowing where the Movistar Car connects. And this information is provided by the application. So there is no impediment for you to enjoy the internet in your car and access the information you need to fulfill your professional role with excellence

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