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How to Choose the Best Password to Change it on Your Home WiFi

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How to Choose the Best Password to Change it on Your Home WiFi

By default, your router encrypts  wireless Costa Rica Email Address connections  so that no one accesses your WiFi without permission. Note that the passwords that come in your    are long and difficult to memorize. They are strong passwords. But you never know. One day you    and you see that there are  unknown devices  connected. You can block them. But if the situation repeats itself frequently, touch to change the WiFi password.

Changing the WiFi password is not something you should do frequently. There are those who have their  connected all day and have not needed it. But you never know who lives on the other side and if he is able to  connect to the Internet without permission  from your Router. But come on, it’s an easy task to do.

The important thing is to choose a good password. Strong passwords are more difficult to obtain. It is also a good idea  not to publish or share  them lightly. It is better to  than to share your WiFi password.

How to change the WiFi password

If you look at your Movistar Router you will see that you have access to two WiFi points. One is WiFi and one is WiFi Plus . One is 2.4 GHz and offers wireless Internet with wide coverage. WiFi Plus is 5 GHz and offers more speed but at less distance. The point is that, by default, they share the same password. And although it is a complex password, it can fall into the wrong hands and access your WiFi without permission .

Whatever the reason you want to change your WiFi password, there are several ways to do it. The fastest and most comfortable, by going to the Smart WiFi App . From there yWithin the Smart WiFi App, from My network> My WiFi you will see the WiFi and WiFi Plus password. Entering, you can change them one by one. As the application itself indicates,

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How to create wifi strong passwords

“it must have between 8 and 63 characters. You can use numbers, letters and some symbols (@? = <;…) ”. Once changed, the App itself will tell you if they are strong passwords or not.ou will see the connected devices and other data about your connection.
Now we know how to change the WiFi password. It is easy. But the important thing is not so much to change the password. It’s about choosing strong passwords that are hard to figure out, even by specialized programs or scripts. Another tip: don’t repeat passwords. If you always use the same one, when they discover it, they will use it in all your services and apps.

Experts usually agree on several aspects. The longer the better. The more random the better. The more combined characters you have, mobile lead the better. Uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and letters. Some symbol, to mislead. Randomness is helpful. You can even make up words or combine two or three to help you remember it.f

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