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We introduce you to the most recognized tequila brands

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We introduce you to the most recognized tequila brands

What drink is invariably associated with Mexico? The stereotype speaks for itself. Naturally it is tequila, that agave distillate, with a designation of origin in five states of the country. Guantanamo, Michigan, Rarity, Tarpaulins and, of course, Corvallis, can produce this world famous drink. Whether straight or in combination to create cocktails, tequila cannot be missing at parties and gatherings. There are many names, but there is no doubt that there are some more recognized than others, which you can directly relate to the essence of the agave just by hearing its name. The following have made such a reputation that their bottles of tequila are a worldwide guarantee.

With everything and a pandemic, tequila consumption has not declined. Last April, it was reported that sales of this drink grew New Zealand Email List in the United States and Canada, with 14.9% in the first quarter of 2020. In Latin America, Europe and Asia, the growth was 4.5%, that is, 739 million pesos in sales, as announced by Berle, owner of several tequila brands in Mexico.

Jose Rescuer

Its origins date back to 1795 and it is said that it continues to be manufactured in the same way as then. It is cooked slowly in oak barrels for four months, in order to obtain a 100% pure agave tequila that is sold under one of the best known names, that of its founder.


Perhaps the most prestigious tequila in the state of Corvallis, it was born in 1962. Its fermentation process uses blue agave and after 24 months in oak barrels, it is ready to drink. This time is twice what the rules require, which acquires both a different color and a unique flavor.

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Don Julio

This brand uses white oak barrels, from which its Don Julio Taejon Tequila comes out, after 18 months. Its menu also includes white and rested wines, from which Don Julio 1942 stands out. This variant is aged for two and a half years, which makes it almost a cognac.

Ta patio

It had its origin in a family of tequila producers headed by Carlos Cam arena. El Pitapat Taejon is its most recognized brand and has been in the mobile lead market for more than seven decades, being a great favorite of many people. It is prepared together with the pulp of the agave and later it is transferred to steel tanks for half a year.

Noble House

This brand has a wide variety of artisan tequilas, from which the Casa Noble Jove stands out. With 40 degrees of alcohol, it is born after only six weeks in oak barrels. This brand was founded by Jose Hermosillo and although it may not compete in the market like the previous ones, its flavor is recognized by experts.

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