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Nissan customer transforms his car into a Tesla with 9 thousand pesos

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Nissan customer transforms his car into a Tesla with 9 thousand pesos

A Tesla is a dream in countries like Mexico, where the average salary was not enough for such an expensive car, even less with the exchange rate and taxes. This is also the case in other countries, even in Europe.

Partly due to contingency, the economic resources of very few are enough to buy a car from Elon Musk’s company, others see it more as an inspirational issue, but anything goes in marketing, so that is also positive for the firm.

This is amplified when a car brand is displaced by its own, which happened in the case of a young man who wanted to have a Tesla car, so much New Zealand Email Address so that he took on the task of transforming his Nissan car into one identical to the brand’s . electric cars and finally got it.

The topic went viral for moving some, before the client’s dream fulfilled, but others took it more with humor, although it probably did not amuse Nissan, since its 2010 Rogue was redesigned to a Tesla, economic version.

Tesla’s perspective
This is Mathew Milton, who decided to invest around $ 430 to go from a common car to a key piece. He shared a video that is now viral, from the moment he changed his car logo, to the entire process, including changing the hubcaps, steering wheel, seats, tire color, and even the interior.

“It was almost an impulsive decision, I started with the main logo on the back and then I thought: I have to move on,” said Mathew.

From 1 million pesos to 9 thousand
While Tesla’s cheapest model costs around 1 million 250 thousand pesos, I obtained his from him by investing about 9 thousand pesos between parts that he ordered in e-commerce. His ingenuity from him earned him the vitality of his case, replicated not only on social networks, but also in international media.

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“Now I love the look of my car and I think it looks great and is a lot of fun,” he said at the end of the project.

Tesla has become an aspiration for many and its profits do not stop, thanks to a good reputation of the brand. Elton Musk expects to hit record production and sales figures in the third quarter of the year. In its latest figures, it delivered a total of 112 thousand vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2019, but the company expects to sell half a million vehicles this 2020, with around 179 thousand units accounted for in the first half.

In Mexico, the way to have a Tesla comes from the hand of private travel apps such as Beat, which as a brand plus offers its service on board mobile lead these cars in Mexico City, in selected neighborhoods that you can see at this link.

In the country, Nissan is an accessible brand, one of the main representatives of the automotive industry, positioning its Versa as the model that led the Mexican market with a 6.6 percent share of the total vehicles sold with 78 thousand 839 cars, of according to INEGI figures.

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