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To buy or not to buy refurbished mobiles? That is the question

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To buy or not to buy refurbished mobiles? That is the question

While you do this reflection we give you a small preview, and you are in luck ; because at we have just launched our first range of reconditioned mobiles . We think that answers your question, right? But if you still have doubts, keep reading and discover the number of advantages that you can now enjoy.

And remember, whenever you buy your smartphone on you will be helping to reduce your CO2 footprint . Oman Email Database Did you know that for every 7 smartphones we reuse, we save the planet 1kg of electronic waste ? So don’t think twice and start using reconditioned mobiles.

Difference between a refurbished mobile and a second-hand smartphone

To buy or not to buy refurbished mobiles? That is the question

Yes, yes … We know what is coming to your head and the answer is NO. A refurbished terminal is not the same as a second-hand terminal. The difference is that a reconditioned terminal has gone through the hands of experts and has been put back , but what does this mean?

Very easy. What it means is that this terminal has been repaired, verified and restored by professionals with the highest quality standard in reconditioned mobiles. Because also, all the refurbished terminals on are A +, which means; that you will receive your terminal with all its original spare parts and / or with the approved certification of our manufacturers, and of course without any scratches or marks . Oh, and most importantly in a reconditioned terminal, the battery is guaranteed a health of at least 85% , installing new batteries in all those that do not meet this requirement.

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Worried about how you are going to charge your refurbished mobile? Don’t worry, in YOU we have everything under control. All our terminals are sold with chargers and cables in a high quality, fully sealed packaging. (Some say that when you open the box it still smells new?

buy or not to buy refurbished mobiles

We wanted to bring you the best of the Apple range to start this initiative. So you have at your disposal the entire range of Iphone 7 & 8 to choose the terminal that suits you best. If you have not yet taken a look, we give you a preview … Now you can have a 32GB Iphone 7 for € 199 in a maximum of 24-48h!

We always recommend protecting your terminal in the best way, that is why in addition to offering the best covers and protectors , we have you covered in case of any other problem that may arise. We are so sure of the quality of our terminals that with the purchase of your renewed terminal we offer you a warranty valid for one year . So if you have a problem, mobile lead give us a call and we’ll fix it for you. That easy.

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