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This is how you should configure the network card for your

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This is how you should configure the network card for your

Although the processor and the graphics card are the two most important components of a good gaming computer, the network card also plays a role. Nowadays, downloading games or online games are frequent, so having a good connection is important both from the router itself and your PC to play.

We start with a good bandwidth and a well configured router. Both from the point of view of wireless connectivity , or WiFi, as well as any connection , even by Ethernet cable . From here, your gaming computer has a network card that, in principle, will offer good performance.

But at the software level, there are certain details of Windows 10 that we have to change. Pakistan Email Database Configurations and options that will help you make the network card of your gaming computer work as it should and squeeze all the bandwidth that you have contracted.

configure the network card for your new gaming computer

This is how you should configure the network card for your new gaming computer

To start, let’s see what network card we have, what features it offers, if it is already up and running and everything is going as well as it should. Windows 10 allows us to see this information directly from Start> Network and Internet> Status .

If you want more complete data, you must click on Change adapter options in the Advanced network settings section . This will open the Windows Network Connections tool and show the network card that we have configured.

From this tool you will get more information about the network card. If we double click, a Card Status window will appear . In turn, in Details . we will see all the necessary data about it. What surely interests you is the option Diagnose this connection or Diagnose , simply. You will get relevant information about their performance.

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Windows 10 is ready to deal in many contexts. For example, in offices with dozens of computers, printers and other devices. Hence, sometimes, there are functions that do not interest you in particular .

Network card diagnostics first

We return to Configuration> Network and Internet> Ethernet . There we click on the link Change adapter options .We will see Network connections with the network card that you have in your gaming computer. Right-clicking, click on Properties .

Select the option “Internet Protocol version, then click on Properties and you will see a window that mobile lead shows the IP address of your network card and the configured DNS servers. Click on “Use the following addresses .” and indicate the two addresses that we will use as DNS servers for the alternatives that we have chosen.

One of the recommendations that are often mentioned to optimize the network card in a gaming computer usually has to do with the DNS server. In the past we have talked at length about the subject, even providing alternatives to your provider’s DNS servers .

To change the DNS server you can choose to do it directly on your router or in Windows 10, as we explained in the article linked in the previous paragraph. Let’s look at the second option, which is somewhat more

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