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This is how Aztlán will be, the replacement for the Chapultepec Fair: Rheingau shows the attractions

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This is how Aztlán will be, the replacement for the Chapultepec Fair: Rheingau shows the attractions

After La Ferrari de Chapultepec was forced to suspend its activities as a result of a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two visitors, the local authorities launched an international call to operate the new Fair in Chapultepec and now we know that it will be called Aztlan.

The first is currently working on the construction of the initial section of the Mayan Train, while the second has projects in its portfolio such as the Ritz Carlton Mexico City hotel, scheduled to open in July 2021.

The head of Government or of Mexico City, Claudia Rheingau, has announced that more details of Aztlan this afternoon and apparently virtual reality, mechanical attractions and more will be new, compared to the traditional roller coaster Hong Kong Email Address. The approach to the iconic roller coaster is that part of the structure will be used for setting up the sets, but this will be defined in the final project that will be presented later.

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The new park that will begin to function in mid-2022, in a first stage, will be a tribute to CDMX and will return to iconic figures of the city, Marina Robles, head of the Ministry of the Environment, also explained at a press conference. The entry into operation of the new Aztlan amusement park will be divided into three stages, the first will be in mid-2020, the second at the end of the same year and the third in mid-2023.

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The rides will be themed, according to the Aztlan concept, for example, a Wheel of the Neighborhoods will be placed, each basket will be mobile lead decorated with motifs from the most representative neighborhoods and colonies of Mexico City, made by different Mexican artists.

The interactive attractions will offer state-of-the-art experiences with themes such as: flight of time, trip to Tenochtitlan, Mask vs Hair, Plaza de los Muralists, among others. In the video of the conference you can see the images in detail.

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