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The last big blow to Electra: it will pay 1,431 million pesos

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The last big blow to Electra: it will pay 1,431 million pesos

Electra has been in the digital conversation in recent days before its most popular representative and owner, Ricardo Salinas Pliers, and all the media attention it receives from controversial publications and other issues related to the company and its other businesses.

However, beyond the antipathy of some and the admiration of others, the chain of stores is in serious trouble due to tax issues and the last big blow comes from the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA), which dismissed a challenge of Group Electra Iceland Email Address. The company had fought to correct the issue, but finally it will have to pay 1,431 million pesos in taxes to the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

The superior court of the court dismissed the claims of the company before an opinion that takes into account a case of January 2016 and December 2017, which determined that the company of Salinas Pliers owed 1,431 million pesos for the concept of Tax on the Income (ISR ) that was not paid on the sale of shares in 2008.

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“All the grievances expressed by the plaintiff in her initial brief of her were unfounded, which is why the validity of the contested resolution and the appealed resolution is proposed,” Judge Victor Martin Ordure Munoz decided during her intervention.

This is the third time in the last two months that the court has dealt a blow of this type to the group of the firm, as we remember that on October 14 and 21 the authority indicated that the company should pay two tax credits from more than 10 years ago years. With this, he has more than 21 billion pesos.

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Let us remember that Group Electra would have to pay a tax credit of more than 2 billion pesos for an operation that was carried out in 2010 and mobile lead that had to do with Mexicans de Aviation and also from the Superior Chamber of the Federal Court of Administrative Justice (TFJA) revealed that the company should pay 18 thousand 455 million pesos to the Tax Administration Service (SAT) for “infractions” in the tax field registered between 2008 and 2012.

Group Electra reported downward results during the second quarter of the year by 2 percent, to 28.154 million pesos, due to a 6 percent decrease in financial income, partially offset by a 4 percent increase in commercial sales.

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