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This is Havas Mexico’s Vision for the Future of Marketing: Interview With its New CEO

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This is Havas Mexico’s Vision for the Future of Marketing: Interview With its New CEO

Much has been said about how the pandemic has affected the marketing market in Mexico. As a result of the pandemic, in figures from the Mercator Research Department, investment in media would be reduced to only 149 thousand 365 million pesos, from the 182 thousand of 2019. Future of Marketing The above is particularly challenging for firms such as Haves Mexico. In an interview with Mercator, its new CEO Jorge Percheron describes what challenges he identifies for the short term:

I think the biggest challenge for Haves, like any marketing firm or service provider in the industry, is proving relevance in our relationship with clients Senegal Email List. Future of Marketing That we are capable day after day of demonstrating the value that we add in your communication processes in generating business results, both in the short and long term. And give them that degree of visibility that the industry may not have of what is going to happen in the next quarter or in 2021.

Marketing uncertainty
The issue of visibility is not minor. Don’t forget that many brands, from large agents like Coca-Cola to smaller businesses, suspended or reduced their investment in marketing. Future of Marketing Percheron points out that this is a logical reaction, since audience consumption was reduced by the economic crisis of COVID-19. But he points out that it is also crucial to help brands make current events visible to eliminate uncertainty:

Several economies, including Mexico, are beginning to regain their activity. Thus, there is already a social and economic reality that is already recovering and restoring. At the beginning of the year there were dark expectations, but now that an analysis was made to close the year in September, there we saw a great recovery in confidence. That the consumer will be back, ready to make transactions that our clients will have to promote with marketing strategies.

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Concepts such as agility, innovation and efficiency became very popular in the course of the pandemic, especially among businesses. According to agents like Workable, it is in these concepts that the key to post-pandemic survival is hidden. The new CEO of Haves Mexico points out that, curiously, the agency began an adjustment process at the end of 2019, in three pillars, which adapted very well to this idea:

MIX Transformation is a global transformation process that began in the United States (USA) on three pillars: Product, Talent and Productivity. This initiative arrived in Latin America in February 2020, and was in full implementation when the pandemic fell. But instead of stopping it, we speed it up. We think that with the slowdown, it would be the perfect time to train our people, work on products and streamline the value chain.

Room to grow in the marketing sector
There is no doubt that the pandemic had a harsh effect on the industry and that for many businesses it will be difficult to recover. But the specific situation of Hamas Mexico looks promising. And it’s a story that could serve as a lesson to other players in the marketing industry on a national scale. Customer certainty, investment in the value mobile lead chain and a precise analysis of the future, in the words of Jorge Percheron, seem to be the formula for success for the market:

We look forward to a bright future. I believe we have endless opportunities to continue growing our business and other areas of the agency. The client portfolio is robust and we have a presence in various market categories. But not in all of them and that gives us opportunities to grow in marketing. What we have done this year, training our staff, developing the product and increasing productivity, puts us in a good position in the core business.

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