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Home Pod Mini: Finally Apple Launches Something That Can be Paid, They Say in Networks

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Home Pod Mini: Finally Apple Launches Something That Can be Paid, They Say in Networks

Apple’s new speaker is called Home Pod mini and it was causing a sensation on social media when the device was unveiled by the company’s CEO, Tim Cook.

It maintains the main characteristics of the original Home Pod, Say in Networks  but it seems that the mini is in fashion and reduces its dimensions to 8.38 cm in height Singapore Email Address. The name mini has also been applied to its iPhone 12 mini, dubbed in networks as the iPhone Jobs.

The good news of Apple Event, beyond the presentation of its novelties, has been that the same term is applied in the price of the Home Pod mini, since it is $ 99, making it more accessible for users, this is 2,599 pesos in Mexico.

Cook wanted to hit the market hard, giving it a tempting starting price, more in the United States, and launching it as of November 6, and it seems to work, because it has monopolized the trends, even more than the iPhone, precisely because the Users indicate that Apple has finally launched a product that they can afford.

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The gadget is a kind of sphere wrapped in white or gray fabrics, integrating a touch panel at the top to change the volume of the speaker, start Sir or change the music, and its main function is to “create a new way of interact with music and the house, ”according to Cook.

The price of the Home Pod mini, the best
As a plus, privacy and security stand out when interacting with the smart home, in which the HomePod mini will play a fundamental role, since it can connect with the entire smart home network, so you can control any device and organize the devices. Home spaces, but more than that, in networks they have taken their price as their main advantage.

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The original Home Pod was introduced during 2017, recognized as one of the best-sounding smart speakers in the industry, but at the time its price was much less affordable than the proposals from Google and Amazon, which currently dominate this segment.

So the Recuperation Giant seems to want to correct that “serious mistake” and launches its affordable version that they praise so much in networks, the price distracts from its functions and applications to simply having an Apple accessory of less than 3,000 pesos. Generally the prices of Apple products are high compared to the average salary of an employee in Mexico.

In Latin America, Colombia is the country in which a person has to work the most to earn enough to be able to buy the iPhone 11 Pro (64 GB), with about 90 days of work. Peru follows with 76.5 days of work and in third place is Brazil, with 63.7 days.

In fourth position is Mexico, where you have to work 54.2 days without spending anything to be able to collect for one of the previous models, according mobile lead to figures from Episodic, projected by Statistic.

Consumers cannot afford those luxuries right at this time where ownership is feeding families even in high-income segments, but on an inspirational issue, many will invest their few resources in a brand element that they can afford.

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