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They sell for 1.8 million dollars: The Nike Kanye West sneakers, the Adidas ambassador

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They sell for 1.8 million dollars: The Nike Kanye West sneakers, the Adidas ambassador

Kenya West’s Air Breezy Prototype Nike were auctioned for $ 1.8 million, the importance of this event also lies in the fact that the rapper consolidates his value as an ambassador for the Adidas brand. The message that this new record gives to the followers of the brand is that they can be sure that they are acquiring something really valuable, both for the design and for the personality to which the products are linked.

We must remember that one of the advantages that having a good ambassador or brand ambassador offers is to “do marketing without it appearing” or even do it collaterally, so to speak. The simple fact of the auction this Monday puts Kenya Brazil Email List West once again in the spotlight and, consequently, the German company “of the three lines” that he himself champions. Kenya West’s name is popping up all the time in social media trends, along with his designs, bringing the Adidas name, almost always for the good of the brand, to all those viral conversations, and this is no exception.

“It’s like buying a piece of history,” said Genome App, CEO of the RARES platform, which invested $ 1.8 million for some Air Breezy Prototype Nike sneakers from Kenya West. The transaction broke all records for an auction of this type of item.

The sneakers auctioned by Southey’s house were used by rapper and clothing designer, Kenya West, during 2008, during the Grammy Awards and during the interpretation of the songs “Hey Mama” and “Stronger”.

RARES is a platform that is dedicated to acquiring rare shoes, with high historical value, and that allows its partners to invest in these acquisitions through “small actions”.

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And the exorbitant value achieved by this pair of Nike sneakers lies both in its historical value, as well as in a series of peculiarities: such as, for example, that they never reached the store shelves, but that it is a unique model, made especially for the singer. In addition, they are made with black leather, brown details, perforations in the upper part, in American size 12, in a design that was in charge of West himself and Mark Smith, who collaborated in this company in the Nike laboratory in Beaver ton, Oregon. .

With the value achieved at the auction, Kenya West is increasingly positioning himself as a benchmark designer, at least in commercial terms, as Brahms Watcher, head of street wear and modern collectibles at Southey’s auction house recognized: “He speaks much of Kenya’s legacy as one of the most influential clothing and sneaker designers of our time. ”

For its part, the Breezy line of sneakers generated nearly $ 1.7 billion in revenue in 2020, according to a Bloomberg note. However, it must be remembered that the brand, by then, was already working with Adidas. Well, it was in 2014 when West, dissatisfied with the royalty percentage, left Nike for his main competition. At that time, Adidas offered the rapper a contract for 10 million dollars plus the possibility of creating his own brand, beyond tennis, in a also historic event.

The record for Kenya West’s Air Breezy relegated to second place in the auction of the Nike Air Jordan 1, used and autographed by basketball legend Michael Jordan, in greater than 2020, by Christie’s house and which raised $ 615,000 .

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The record could easily be broken in May
While the brand generated by Kenya West’s sneakers is historic, it could easily be surpassed in the coming days when Southey’s auction off the sneakers worn by basketball historians like Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabber and Stephen Curry. The climax of this series of auctions will come on May 12, when a pair of Air Jordan 1s, used by the player himself, will be offered during his debut season in the NBA (1984-1985).

This will happen with Kenya’s shoes and his small investors
The RARES platform announced mobile lead that the acquisition of Kenya West sneakers will further empower the fan communities that gave birth to the sneaker culture, as well as offering them a financial option.

In fact, RARES refers to the fact that it will launch, on its platform, an as yet unknown number of shares of Kenya West’s Air Breezy Prototype Nike, on June 16. In this way, small investors will be able to own a “piece of the most valuable shoes in the world”. According to Business Insider, each share of these shoes could cost between $ 15 and $ 25.

This is only the beginning of what will come next, as, according to financial firm Cohen, the global resale market for collectible shoes could be worth $ 30 billion by 2030.

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