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‘Disaster girl’ meme is being sold as NFT: this technology is the future of marketing

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‘Disaster girl’ meme is being sold as NFT: this technology is the future of marketing

The “disaster girl” is causing a furor again after revealing that she sold her own meme for 450 thousand dollars, in the form of NFT, a fashionable technology that is already taking on an important relevance in the world of marketing.

Zoe Roth was only five years old when her father took a picture of her at the exact moment that she was smiling “evilly” at the camera, with a disastrous fire in the background. The image became a meme and after being uploaded to TikTok it got 15 million views in record time. The “disaster girl” was born.

After 15 years of “being a legend”, Zoe decided to sell the digital property of her own meme, as a non-fungible token (NFT, for its acronym in English) and raised Botswana Email Address almost half a million dollars and the right to receive 10 percent in royalties every time the token is sold to someone else.

But beyond the viral nature of Zoe’s story, the interesting thing is to observe how NFTs are not only a fad among lovers of digital culture, but a real opportunity to position a brand or a product.

We know famous examples, like when Gucci launched virtual sneakers , in the form of NFT, with a price of 12 million dollars. Here Gucci took advantage of the emergence of this technology while still displaying, in fact, the character of exclusivity that gives the brand identity. Although we must remember that, at the time, it also launched other virtual shoe filters for $ 12.

The NFT train was also followed by companies such as Kellogg’s, P&G or Pizza Hut, whose limited NFT’s now sell for hundreds or thousands of dollars (or cryptocurrencies) among collectors of art and digital objects. But what are the considerations that we must take when choosing non-fungible tokens as a central element of our marketing campaigns?

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The first thing we must take into account is that creating an NFT for anything, at any time and without any justification, will result in a resounding failure. Like any campaign, the message must have meaning and must represent the value of the brand while creating a connection with consumers or communities.

For example, if P&G had launched its “world’s first non-expendable toilet paper” NFT at any other time in history, such a promotion would have been viewed as frivolous. However, it struck a chord in reminding us of the anguish the world felt at the beginning of the pandemic, which led to panic buying of toilet paper until it ran out.

The NFT has, as we see, a sense to exist and to be desired, at the same time that it creates the feeling of empathy between the brand and the users.

But that is not all we have to take into consideration. An NFT, belonging to the pop culture of the digital world, generally demands a bit of aesthetics, humor and a certain disruptive character.

That is why it is essential that the images, filters for Instagram, GIF’s, etc., that are going to be released in the form of NFT’s, have a minimum artistic quality. This is where marketing creatives team up with artists and designers. If something of great artistic quality can be created, then it will be desirable and the brand will position itself among consumers for its good taste in promoting its products with an NFT.

They must be part of a comprehensive campaign
It is important to remember that a digital marketing campaign must be integrated into a superior strategy, according to the objectives of each company mobile lead. In the same way, the use of non-fungible tokens should be seen as one more tool within an integrated campaign.

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For example, a fast food chain could take advantage of NFT technology when it launches new products on its menus, a Halloween burger, with allusive art objects. Any juncture or media event that can be commercially exploited could also be used to create a campaign that is accompanied by this tool.

Another possibility, for socially responsible companies, foundations or civil associations, would be to create valuable digital products, in alliance with renowned artists, offer them as non-fungible tokens and raise funds for charitable causes.

In short, the advantages and possibilities offered by this tool are just beginning to be glimpsed and that is why it is necessary to be vigilant and catch up.


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