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They neither reduce fat nor eliminate wrinkles, these creams were banned by Proffer

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They neither reduce fat nor eliminate wrinkles, these creams were banned by Proffer

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer) issued express orders to suspend the dissemination of misleading advertising of three brands, one for reducing cream and the other two for rejuvenation, because none of them really does what it promises in their advertisements.

According to the instance, in order to inhibit commercial practices that violate the rights of consumers, it issued orders to suspend the transmission Nigerian Email List of advertisements of the company Rhinovirus SA DE CV in the media, platforms and social networks, for be misleading advertising.

“Novartis promotes the sale of said products, alluding to them qualities related to physical and health changes without counting on the technical-scientific elements through which it supports the veracity of the same, in violation of the Federal Consumer Protection Law”, said the instance .

Said company had already received notice, when the administrative resolution was issued in which the supplier was ordered to suspend the advertising of its products “Reduction”, “Cream Hebe” and “Cell Master”, on the grounds that they may affect the economy and the health of a consumer community.

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Rhinovirus, specifically green the product “Reduction” as a reducing cream, “Cream Hebe” to lessen the effects of aging, as in the case of “Cell Master”.

The notifications were made last Friday and those notified will have five business days to comply with the order, but meanwhile, the instance notified consumers through its official social networks and its website, where it is blunt and indicates that this situation “misleads or confuses consumers and influences their purchasing mind, coupled with the fact that due to the fact that the functionality or effects of such products have not been proven, the consequences that they may have on the consuming public may be diverse, because in the absence of sustenance, they are unknown. ”

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This is not the first serious problem Rhinovirus faces, because during the start of 2020, the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Comprise) also issued a health alert in which consumers were warned that the company markets its products without comply with current health legislation .

Brands with fear of Proffer
The institution has been categorical with alerts to consumers about products that do not comply with regulations, in addition to revealing the best kept secrets of companies, to show the chicken bouillon cubes that apparently do not have a significant contribution of nutrients, Well, in 250 ml of prepared product, they provide 0.19 to 0.69 g of protein and 0.16 to 0.55 g of fat, of which it was detailed, they are not completely of meat origin.

In addition to this, it has also just revealed the yogurt brands. According to the results of the consumer magazine for the month of October, brands such as Danone Yogurt to drink natural 220 g, contains less protein than indicated on its packaging mobile lead. In the products that contain more fat, there are Yo plait Max Protein to drink Greek style in fat lactose-free with strawberry 330g and Nutria Yogurt to drink strawberry flavor 220 g.

Brands fear it, Proffer has done the job of ensuring the health of Mexicans, so it appropriately informs you of what they really contain, while companies do not want to be the subject of their studies.

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