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Marketing: The 9 fundamentals to make your website fall in love and succeed in selling

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Marketing: The 9 fundamentals to make your website fall in love and succeed in selling

The scope of marketing is equivalent to the power of the mind. The consumer responds to stimuli that researchers constantly study before the effectiveness of the strategies created with this base. The data has helped strategies that provide a financial decision 2.5 seconds, before the 95 percent of the emotional decisions and only 5 percent rational.

These are being carried out every day, at all hours, at a distance. The consumer can expect to have elements strategically located in the physical Nigerian Email Database points of sale, but in e-commerce they are just getting used to stopping to think why they prefer one website over another. However, marketing and advertising strategists are always behind everything.

Everything is “fault” of marketing
There are key aspects that attract more to certain pages than others and it is all “fault” of marketing. To begin, you have to demonstrate how much a website influences the consumer’s decision. Data from IAB Mexico indicate that Mexicans go to the store’s website or app prior to making an online purchase with 53 percent.

In fact, data from Ready Cloud Suite indicates that 87 percent of consumers trust product reviews as much as they do WOM advertising, and that 90 percent read between 5 and 10 reviews before trusting a brand.

Make the consumer fall in love with marketing
Once this is established, strategists can fully understand how important the design of a website is, not only because it is functional, but also really attractive, there needs to be “love at first sight.” As in love, consumers will choose something that is not so complicated, with a good experience and that in the end gives greater benefits.

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ONE. Talk to him nice and sell him the idea

If the numbers indicate that the customer comes to the site because he reviews the reviews, then it is very important that your product descriptions win him, sell him the idea! Describe the product as if it were the “app that will revolutionize the market.” Resort to storytelling, obviously without falling into falsehoods, only use the most attractive words you find.

TWO. Change the keywords

Speaking of words, to make the consumer fall in love they are essential in an action button like the one used to finally acquire the product, do not put “buy”! It is not ideal and it is as simple as replacing with “take to home” or “add to cart”.

THREE. Give security in shipments

A strong weakness right now for Mexican e-commerce is shipping, so marketing can help with words on the site like “Free shipping and returns,” a guarantee that the consumer will immediately appeal to.

FOUR. Put pressure on it

The offers are a definitive hook especially in an uncertain panorama in which the client wants to get the most out of their valuable mobile lead gave, so how about a, “discount”, “offer”, “half price” or a “Take this for free “? It also concerns the old reliable marketing fear of missing an opportunity.

SIX. Make him want it to the fullest

Take it to desire with items that will seem the most popular, in the famous “top sales of the week”, a list that says “best sellers”, to leave the user thinking that for something they sell so much.

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SEVEN. Give him options
Another section that cannot be missed is that of recommendations such as “you may also like it”, “similar items”, which will lead to more time for the consumer on the site and therefore more possibilities for them to buy.

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