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The role of in Making Technology Sustainable and Respectful of the Planet

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The role of in Making Technology Sustainable and Respectful of the Planet

The first industrialization was an unprecedented technological revolution . A great change that would make it possible to end hunger and human needs . However, this was not entirely so. And they did not have the pollution that the intensive use of coal would cause. Today, new technologies such as 5G must not only be better than the previous ones. It must also be efficient, or better, sustainable with the planet. Keep your footprint as small as possible in terms of air quality and energy use. If possible, renewable energy. Is it possible to reconcile the digitization of companies with their environmental sustainability ?

Today, concepts such as energy saving , Dubai Email Address reducing water consumption, reducing CO2 emissions or even the circular economy are concepts that have ceased to be wishes or good intentions to come true. In Spain, the energy generated in 2020 with renewable sources reached 42% (22% from wind, 12% from hydro and 8% from solar). Including nuclear power, cleaner than many believe, we would go up to 64%. However, there is still a long way to go for renewable energy to be the majority. Something that will also help improve air quality

making technology sustainable and respectful of the planet

The role of 5G in making technology sustainable and respectful of the planet

The cloud, teleworking, video calls, big data … All these elements are part of the digital transformation in which we are all immersed. As clients, as users or as employees or entrepreneurs. And, interestingly, these technologies will not only make our lives easier . They will also leave less of a footprint in terms of resource consumption .

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Precisely, one of the aspects in which the 5G network deployment stands out is that this technology consumes less electricity. That is to say, on the one hand it allows to exchange data at a higher speed. On the other, connect more devices at the same time. And all with lower energy consumption . But its role goes further.

When talking about sustainability, three elements are usually highlighted: energy saving, water consumption and CO2 emissions. These three parameters define whether or not a technology is sustainable. Parameters to be measured, controlled and analyzed. For this, it is necessary to have devices and sensors constantly connected sending data. And with a technology like 5G, that sending of data is immediate.

The role of in making technology sustainable respectful of planet

It is not easy to reduce electricity consumption in a home, and what about a business. But it is not impossible either. Telefónica has applied its Eco Smart solutions in 37 of the Tendam Group’s Cortefiel stores . The goal: spend less energy, improve comfort in stores and reduce your environmental footprint to be more sustainable.

To make this possible, mobile lead they have turned to telemetering and telemanagement devices. Sensors that are responsible for analyzing and automating air quality, air conditioning and lighting . Real-time monitoring that defines the initial situation and offers the best solutions to meet the goal of consuming less energy without sacrificing customer well-being .

The result seems to have been achieved: savings in electricity consumption of 15% and improvement in the degree of comfort for customers. Be more sustainable and improve your service hand in hand.

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