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The new Movistar Transparency Center: Manage your Privacy in a Simple Way

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The new Movistar Transparency Center: Manage your Privacy in a Simple Way

According to a study by IBM Policy Lab, the concern of Spaniards for their privacy and the treatment of their data has increased considerably during the pandemic, Dubai Email List since our entire life has been digitized in an accelerated way. As a digital services company, it is important to respond to this concern.

At Telefónica, our goal is for you to become aware and be the owner of all your information. We want to go one step further and for this reason, we have launched the Transparency Center in Spain.

This tool allows you to consult the information that you are generating yourself while using our services. In addition, you can manage your privacy in a simple way without technical complexities, because it is important that any user is able to access their information and know how to interpret it. The Transparency Center is clear, with a language understandable to all with the aim of reinforcing the trust of customers and allowing them to have control of their digital experience

How can I access the Transparency Center

The new Movistar Transparency Center: manage your privacy in a simple way

The Movistar Transparency Center  is totally free and available to Movistar Fusión customers . You can access it through the  Mi Movistar mobile application by  entering the  private area “My profile” .

In the ” Security and Privacy ” section, you will see the option ” Consultation and data download “. Click on it and you will be able to view the data you are generating while you use Movistar services. Here you will see detailed information about data consumption, calls, or your television content.

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In the option ” Privacy Preferences ” you can manage, that is to say activate or deactivate, the different treatments of your data. For example, you have the option of deactivating the receipt of information about new Movistar products.

manage your privacy in a simple way

Transparency Center is also available through . You just have to enter the private area and click on the ” My privacy ” tab in the ” My Profile ” section. Here you also have the option to manage your privacy preferences.

While the ” Privacy preferences ” section is available both on the mobile lead Movistar website and in the Mi Movistar mobile app for all clients, the ” Data query and download ” section is currently only available in the Mi Movistar mobile app and it is being progressively deployed to all Movistar clients.

Soon you will also be able to access the Transparency Center through Movistar + so that you can see your consumption and manage your privacy directly from your television.

So you have access to your data in a transparent way on all channels

to activate or deactivate data processing at any time. We want you to be the owner of your data! So don’t wait any longer to start managing your privacy.

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