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The queens of the blockade: these are the video platforms that parents watch the most

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The queens of the blockade: these are the video platforms that parents watch the most

If you are a parent, guardian, or have a minor relative, you may have noticed that they frequently watch audiovisual content on their smartphones. YouTube videos, platforms that parents, broadcast, or Twitch videos. What will you be looking at? What grace do you find? These two questions are common as adults when we do not understand why they spend so much time on certain video platforms.

What many call the generation gap means that young people and children use the screens of smartphones, tablets, or computers more than the televisions themselves. But that does not mean they consume less audiovisual than we do. Maybe the opposite. We simply do not see the same content. With few exceptions.

Sirva esta introducción para tratar el completo informe que ha realizado Qustodio sobre los hábitos digitales de los niños. Datos que nos ayudan a saber algo más sobre qué hacen tus hijos delante de sus pantallas. Saudi Arabia Email Address Como ver videos de YouTube, ver fotos en Instagram o jugar online a Fortnite.

these are the video platforms that parents watch the most

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Qustodio is a company specialized in offering parental control tools. For this, he has analyzed the habits of the youngest. What’s more, as a Movistar Fixed Internet client you can try one month of Qustodio Premium for free in order to control and protect up to five devices of your children.

The study has prepared part of anonymous responses provided by 100,000 families with children between 4 and 15 years old. Families from the United States, platforms that parents, and SIn their conclusions, they highlight data such as that YouTube “continues to be the undisputed queen of online video applications.” In Spain, there are three major video platforms: YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch. Their popularity in 2020, according to the analysis, was 76%, 34%, and 20% respectively. Far away we find other platforms such as Disney Plus (8%), Amazon Prime (6%), or Movistar + (5%).

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Interestingly, if we analyze the time that children spend on it, the order of the list changes. In the first positions we find YouTube Kids, Amazon Prime, and YouTube, with 71 minutes a day, 59 minutes a day, and 54 minutes a day, respectively. On average, children in Spain spent 38 minutes a day watching video platforms. That is videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Twitch. pain. And among the topics it deals with, video platforms stand out.

video platforms that parents watch the most

Another parameter that the Qustodio study analyzes is which video platforms parents monitor. platforms that parents, which platforms they block to prevent their use or limit the time they spend in front of the screens. The list of blocked platforms matches their popularity among the youngest. Namely, in Spain, children tend to watch YouTube, Netflix, and Twitch videos. That list changes in the UK, where YouTube Kids is most popular.  And in the United States, where Disney Plus is already one of the main video platforms.

For the rest, the study concludes that “in terms of video consumption, we are convinced that the current increase will continue to be maintained throughout the day as long as children cannot return to face-to-face classes.” The only consolation we have is that “teaching hours will help reduce the time children can spend on these types of platforms.”In addition to data and conclusions, Qustodio’s analysis of the digital habits of minors also offers advice and answers to the doubts that this study may generate. For example, how many hours should I allow my children to access YouTube or Twitch videos?

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Experts advocate adapting to the age of the children, their maturity, the time spent on other activities, the type of content consumed, etc. Obviously, accessing video platforms should not interfere with your sleep hours or your academic performance. Some experts also mobile lead introduce dedicating time to physical activity or not exceeding the daily hour of online video.

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