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Does your connection download games very slowly? So you can speed up the process

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Does your connection download games very slowly? So you can speed up the process

Today it is common to buy online games without the need for cartridges or discs. Although the main titles are still being sold in physical format. But thanks to fast Internet connections, many games have succeeded in digital format. Downloading games is common. Partly thanks to the proliferation of online stores such as Steam or those proposed by different platforms, such as the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store.

Even the great video game creators have created their online stores to install on PC, such as Origin by Electronic Arts, Epic Games Store by Epic, Ubisoft Store by Ubisoft, and a long etcetera. The fact is that downloading games is very common today. Scotland Email List The advantage is that you do not need to go to a physical store to buy it. You buy it without leaving home.

The problem is that sometimes the download is not as fast as it should be. And sometimes we talk about a large amount of data that prevents you from playing until an hour or two later because something goes wrong. Not on your connection but perhaps on the game servers or on the Internet itself. But every problem has a solution.

Does your connection download games very slowly

Does your connection download games very slowly? So you can speed up the process

Steam is one of the most important online game stores. Precisely, on its help page, it deals with the issue of slow game downloads. Of course, first, it warns that the downloads have a speed up the process. That is, perhaps what we consider slow is simply normal speed.

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For example, if your contracted speed is 3 MB / s, Steam’s maximum speed up the process is 384 kB / s. If the speed is 20MB / s, the speed will go up to 2.5MB / s. Finally, if the contracted speed is 50 MB / s, you can download Steam games at a maximum of 6.25 MB / s. If you don’t know your contracted speed or you want to know what speed you will get with your PC, you can check it with a speed test . Continuing with Steam. Online stores that offer game downloads use servers scattered around the world. The objective is that you access from where you access, you get a fast download.

In principle, Steam automatically chooses the download server closest to your location. But you can check if the choice is correct and change it manually. On Steam, you should go to Settings> Downloads> Download region and choose the one closest to you.

So you can speed up the process

If you use, for example, the Epic Games Store, you can change the download speeds to increase them when downloading games from this online store. But keep in mind that the maximum possible is your contracted speed. Specifically, you must go to Settings> Accelerator Downloads. There you can select a preferred speed in kilobytes per second.

It may also be that there are problems with the server of the store in question. If the download is from PlayStation and/or Xbox, you can check if the online store services work. In this link, you will see if the Xbox services work correctly. And in this link, you will see if PlayStation Store or PlayStation Now, among others, work correctly in Spain. One of the causes that are always mentioned when the Internet connection is not the desired one is the one that affects the ports of the router. It is used to explain that you cannot play correctly, watch Netflix content without interruptions, or download games and play them online.

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We have previously talked about the subject. You can open the ports of your Movistar Router from your web browser and thus facilitate the free circulation of data on the Internet. mobile lead Opening the ports will make downloading games faster.

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