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The biologist who risks life among sharks to find the perfect suit

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The biologist who risks life among sharks to find the perfect suit

One of them, Jeremiah Sullivan , Colombia Email Address has been researching them for more than 40 years and wants to create an “anti-shark suit” that allows the largest species to be approached without the need to be sheltered in a cage. His invention, Shark Suit , could spell a revolution in the way biologists study them and also a safer system for divers around the world.

That is, it is not common for an incident to occur at sea, but if it does occur, it is very possible that it ends badly, with a serious or directly fatal injury. Some species have more than 300 teeth , arranged in rows to saw through any surface, even as hard as tortoise shells.
Sharks have a reputation for bloodthirsty killers.

The biologist who risks life among sharks to find the perfect suit

what biologist risks life among sharks to find the perfect suit

In search of a protective suit against sharks since 1978
The documentary The man in front of the shark produced by

National Geographic and that you can see now on Movistar + , embarks us on this scientific adventure. The ship is heading to the Bahamas, to dreamy crystalline waters. mobile lead  But be careful: they are not as idyllic as it seems at first glance, as they are guarded by unfriendly inhabitants.

Jeremiah Sullivan and his team, including Joe Romero,

of the Atlantic Shark Institute and marine camera,

take the risk more than assumed and dive into the ocean without much thought. Their purpose is as clear as the tone of the water here: to test the prototype that Jeremiah has

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Jeremiah says in the documentary. But is this information reliable?

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