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Software Sector: Results of Inbound Marketing

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Software Sector: Results of Inbound Marketing

The data for this particular year is very relevant because it reflects the way in which SaaS (Software as a Service) providers managed to improve their levels of customer acquisition with inbound marketing .

Today, companies in the software sector continue to play a fundamental role in this new normal that we are experiencing,

since thousands of organizations around the world have been standardizing teleworking as the .

basis of their production and operational models, so they need to implement more and more digital solutions. Chile Email Address

This is where inbound marketing takes center stage,


Analysis methodology of the Inbound Marketing Study

Software sector: results of inbound marketing 2021

The capturing of total registrations that companies in the software sector managed to have went from being more than 1,800 leads in the first semester to more than 3,000 in the third semester . This means that, as you will see in the following graph, the generation of traffic multiplied by 1.61 in a year and a half .On the other hand, in terms of attracting leads through organic techniques , you will notice with the following graph that, like other SaaS providers, your company could multiply the registrations by 2.48 in a year and a half of implementing an inbound marketing strategy .

After companies in the software sector, hand in hand with Inbound Cycle, implemented lead scoring and lead nurturing techniques ,

Results of inbound marketing applied to companies in the software sector

( marketing qualified leads ) when implementing inbound mobile lead marketing strategies combined with methodologies specially designed by InboundCycle .

In the segments for capturing visits and registrations,   you will see that we first explain the total results and then the organic ones ,   while in the segment on converting leads to MQL you will see only the total results. We explain:

  • The totals are the sum of the results obtained through organic channels, payment channels, social networks, referrals, direct, among others.
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On the other hand, at the end of this article we also show you theayment results  .

in order to accelerate the results of inbound marketing in SaaS provider projects.

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