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The Advantages of Having an Online Personal Trainer

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The Advantages of Having an Online Personal Trainer

Leading a healthier life, eating Chile Email List better or playing sports is something that we have all thought about at some time. Some have ventured into putting it into practice. With greater or lesser success. And it is very easy to propose it but not so much to achieve it. But if you have the help of a personal trainer or online personal trainer like the one that Movistar Salud offers you , it will be much easier for you to abandon a sedentary life, be more active and feel better .

Precisely, one of the frequent mistakes when we want to change our habits is to do it alone . The help of a professional is one of the keys to success. For many reasons. And if, in addition, you add the online component, it will be more comfortable and you will have your personal trainer more at hand. Let’s see the main advantages of Movistar Salud’s “Get in shape” program

what The 6advantages of having an online personal trainer

Remember that Movistar Salud is Movistar’s telemedicine service that offers online medical consultations by phone or video call, medical prescriptions, automatic pre-evaluation and advice from nutritionists and specialists in sports medicine. The first month is free and, from there, you can benefit from the Personal Program (coverage for 1 adult) or the Family Program (coverage for 2 adults and all minors from the same family unit).

Online personal trainer – Movistar Salud – personal trainer
Designed by specialists
First advantage of signing up for a healthy life through an online personal trainer. Your nutritional and sports plan will be designed by specialists in nutrition and sports medicine . No magazine diets or those that a friend recommends because it has worked for him.

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Each person has specific needs and characteristics . And the experts in nutrition and sports medicine will guide you, respectively, in each of their areas so that you can start practicing sports and to change your diet to a more balanced or suitable one for your purposes.

So forget about miracle diets . The diets proposed by Movistar Salud’s “Get in shape” program are light and balanced and supported by physical activity tables. Realistic diets with real results.

what The 6advantages of having an online personal trainer Availability and motivation

Availability and motivation
A common mistake when changing health habits is setting unattainable goals , too ambitious, and giving up too soon. In other words. It is easy to take the first step. But when it comes to habits, it’s more of a long-distance test than a race.

By having a personal trainer or personal trainer online you can consult your nutritionist whenever you need it. In addition to the initial advice and its follow-up, you will have someone on the other side who will solve your doubts to achieve your purpose.

Adapted to your personal needs
There is a lot of literature, guides, and other reference materials on diet and nutrition. Each one has its secrets, tricks and rules. But they don’t take into account who is on the other side. And when it comes to nutrition, it is convenient to know who mobile lead is on a diet and for what purpose : lose weight or eat a healthier diet.

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