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LEIA or How to Teach Machines to Use Spanish Correctly

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LEIA or How to Teach Machines to Use Spanish Correctly

If you work in a multinational,   this type of use of Spanish surely sounds familiar to you, if we can call it that.   What happens in companies, advertising and language in general,   is also happening in that of machines or rather comes from them and our widespread use of the Internet.  which continues to be the vehicular language in much of our activity on the Internet.

to-day lives, we are facing a significant turning point.   If language is partially learned from this universe of technology, it is of utmost importance that machines speak well. But not based on an Anglo-Saxon revelry,

but preserving the linguistic essence of our own language.   Since language is not a mere means of communication, but also a way of preserving culture or art.

Language is a cultural asset
There are things Colombia Email Address that can only be expressed in certain languages ​​because for others they do not make sense. For  For a culture like ours, this distinction is not relevant, but for them it is.

LEIA project and the good use of Spanish in technology

LEIA or how to teach machines to use Spanish correctly

a word with the beautiful meaning that refers to missing a place where you have never been. These words have never been translated because there is no similar meaning in other cultures.

And, to preserve our language,  it is essential that technology play an important role, since the use of all kinds of smart devices and virtual assistants is increasing.    For many years the technological giants have not given importance to the correct use of the Spanish language,

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which regulates the linguistic use of Spanish speakers for more than 300 years.

For this reason,   the RAE together with a group of technology companies, among which Telefónica stands out,   have launched the LEIA   initiative to promote the proper use of Spanish through its technology platforms.

The LEIA project has also been well received by other tech giants

Chema Alonso , director of Telefónica’s Digital Consumption global unit and technical director of LEIA, tells us in an interview with RNE how Telefónica is integrating language resources from the RAE into Aura, its virtual assistant , to ensure that it speaks Spanish correctly . In

Movistar Home device so that you can learn and reinforce Spanish in a fun and family way.

A language without biases in technology
Then the machine makes its decisions based on machine learning .

in the case of gender or race biases ,  because they have fed it with massive data that contained concepts that nowadays already they do not apply or even go against our values.

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