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Starbucks not only sells experiences and coffee, now also Day of the Dead bags

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Starbucks not only sells experiences and coffee, now also Day of the Dead bags

Starbucks to the Mexican. The Day of the Dead is the favorite tradition of Mexicans, 56 percent celebrate it and the world recognizes it as one of the most peculiar customs. It has been promoted globally and the colorful images reach every corner surprising, but not always from the hand of a Mexican, but now the brands are the ones that spread the celebration, taking advantage of the theme to sell products.

The last case is recorded by Starbucks, the chain of coffee shops that operates in Mexico with Al sea, has decided to launch a special edition Qatar Email Address of products, for the next November 1 and 2, dates closely related to the holiday. Prior to their arrival, they promote the acquisition of a bag inspired by colorful confetti and with images of skulls, so spectacular.

In their official profile on Facebook they have shared the new bet of the firm, which apparently not only sells experiences, as has been studied so much in marketing for generations, nor does it only sell coffee as is obvious, but also bets on the now popular bags.

The users of social networks themselves point out in the publication of the brand that it costs about 350 pesos, since when they asked the Starbucks team on Facebook, they received a “query in your store” as a response. Although the reactions are positive to the product, the alleged price has not been to the liking of many, but we must remember that neither are the costs of the products of the chain and even so they are a success in Mexico.

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In addition to the bag, it also has new designs on its tumblers, alluding to the expected date, one that dramatically simulates confetti and two others with colorful designs, such as the holiday itself.

The moment is opportune, since although the pocket of the Mexican is extremely punished, if there is a celebration that has fans in the country it is this, because it is typical of the nation and that is emotional of national pride.

During 2019, 77 percent of Mexicans allocated up to 1,000 pesos to make purchases to celebrate the Day of the Dead, a percentage 35 percent higher than the previous year, according to Cory figures. Regarding the consumption of food and beverages for the mobile lead commemorations of the date, Nielsen added that 41 percent of the consumption corresponds to sweets, 34 percent is typical Mexican sweets and 25 percent to sugar skulls or chocolates.

Although the Day of the Dead is an expected date in consumption, declines are expected this year, due to the contingency, among candles, marigold flowers and other elements, according to El Universal, of up to 40 percent.

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