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Signing of Tigres is a success in marketing and “Lina MIX is the one that wins”: Alberto Latin exclusively

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Signing of Tigres is a success in marketing and “Lina MIX is the one that wins”: Alberto Latin exclusively

Tigres has shown once again that it wants to remove the nickname of the cool team and is achieving it with the arrival of important signings for the club that, in addition to increasing its level, already seems like an excellent sports marketing strategy.
The Tigres football club has acquired a new figure of international stature
A new Frenchman joins their ranks with the exception of being a current world champion
Beyond the sports implications for the club, it represents a success in marketing that from now on already reports good comments from social networks.

If something has characterized the Tigris club of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, it is to generate a bond with its followers, the New Leon club has developed campaigns since the redesign of its new jersey in 2019, as a dynamic that allowed it to circumvent empty stadiums during the time of confinement by Covid-19 and although he has Belgium Email Address had setbacks in his communication strategies such as when they criticized his uniform in the Club World Cup, the truth is that a new success that can be awarded comes in the form of his most recent signing: the current World Champion with France, Florin Chauvinist, who from next season will play for the felines.

His arrival has generated all kinds of comments, since the Frenchman becomes the most expensive reinforcement that the Lisa MX has stepped on at a cost of more than 30 million dollars. This was announced by the CEMENT executive , Mauricio Donner , who since the rumors that began yesterday, boasted the seal of the company that supports the university team of the U of Nuevo Leon in the hiring of the French winger Floridian.

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For their part, the fans did not miss the opportunity to bring up the situation and demonstrated on Twitter, which predicts good news for the club, since the investment in the signing was not less and in fact it will surely be rewarded with high sales in jerseys, stadiums with the largest number of fans -when possible and with a dream relationship with their fans that from now on already celebrate the arrival of the Frenchman:

Robots are taking over the world

Flagrant Chauvinist, current world champion with France arrives at Tigris
The UANL Tigers once again broke the Mexican market after making official the incorporation of French attacking midfielder Floridan Chauvinist, who will join the squad once the current campaign ends with the aim of making the postseason with the felines with a view to the next Aperture tournament 2021. With this, the squad still led by Ricardo Ferret ti stars, once again, one of the best signings in the history of Liga MX .

The Frenchman signed for the next 5 years with the feline squad , a signing that rocked the Mexican soccer market. as he became the most expensive player in the league, valued at more than $ 30 million.

In addition, according to information revealed by journalists Fabrizio Romano and Nicolo Schira, the Nuevo Len institution offered the Frenchman a contract for the next five years (ten short tournaments) in exchange for a net salary of five million euros per season. In other words, the 2018 world champion in Russia would be taking more than one hundred million pesos a year in his pocket, a stratospheric amount for soccer in the Mexican Republic.

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Alberto Lati gives his exclusive opinion for Merca 2.0
During an exclusive interview with the sports journalist, Alberto Lati, the commentator commented that “it is a spectacular event, he is a very important mobile lead footballer who is in full force and because it confirms that the team may be one of the most important in the world.”

The journalist believes that it is an added value for Liga MX, since the MLS, the American league, is at an “absolute advantage, especially for the European footballer, who has a little more privacy and there is a culture where it is more easy to fit in and away from what is known in Europe, as evidenced by Frank Lampard, Steven Gerard, Andrea Pirlo and so many more. Besides that it has better financial resources than our league, but the fact that Mexico can compete to attract this type of talent currently in force, seems like a success to me and Tigres does it superbly “

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