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5 key aspects for the digitization of your sales

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5 key aspects for the digitization of your sales

In recent months – especially in early 2020 – society has had to adapt to a new dynamic of life, where work, communications and transactions are done at a distance.
Digitizing the sales of your business today is more than an option, it is practically a duty.
The crisis caused by COVID-19 has accelerated the need to digitize sales teams and move sales processes to digital environments.
This need to digitize business strategies is even more necessary for industrial and B2B companies.

Faced with an environment as dizzying as the arrival of a new panorama derived from the health emergency that prevails to this day. Digitizing sales environments has become a staple. The traditional forms, although they are still conspicuous by their use, are – for a great majority of companies – insufficient to carry out the undertakings to a successful conclusion and, what is more, for companies or consolidated companies that only focused their efforts in this regard.

Today it is more common to meet companies that efficiently -and hurried by the new panorama- managed to carry out digital strategies that allowed them to expand their panorama and survive in the hostile environment left by the pandemic Belgium Email List. Customers and companies changed and in the face of this new paradigm, not specifying means of digitization can even today mean the failure of an enterprise or a consolidated company that did not know how to adapt to this new dynamic.

Digitizing your sales: a must in the new normal
For this reason, and given the new needs of companies and consumers, it is still in force to recommend new schemes and business models that allow the products offered by a company to remain in people’s imaginary digitally. These tips, although basic, will help you if you are looking to know how to adapt to the new paradigm.

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1.- Do not resist change

For this reason, the increase in purchases in online stores, in marketplaces and on social networks such as Facebook or Instagram should be “an opportunity to break the natural resistance to change and promote the digital transformation of teams.”

2.- The digital and the commercial is the same entity

Companies must face digital transformation as a strategy, it cannot be based only on the implementation of new technologies or digital tools. There can be no commercial transformation without prior or parallel digital transformation. And, thus, there cannot be a correct digitization of sales processes.

3.- Define your customer journey

The third key they give to be successful in digitizing sales processes is to carry out a commercial transformation with a “very well structured process, with a well-defined Customer Journey. Remember that statistical studies point: only 55 percent of companies admit to having it. At the same time, he defends defining specific KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for each phase because this way managers will have control of the entire process and teams will increase their efficiency and productivity.

4.- Understand digitization and automation as a strategy

Understand digitization and automation as a strategy that directly impacts strategy. Technology should not be fought with vendors, who fearfully mobile lead discard the technological tools that allow them to streamline their task.

5.- Prioritize and update communication with customers

To adapt to this new context, teams must relearn the way they sell and communicate with customers. How to do it? Complementing the face-to-face sale with the digital one in the different phases of the process.

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Focusing on digitizing a business, under the social and economic conditions in which we live, is not only a good idea, it is the best idea!

Having processes and digital presence points, both internal and external, guarantees that your company can act on several fronts and take advantage of the business opportunities offered by the traditional and virtual world.


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