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Sale of Philadelphia, Leila, FUD, Danone and other Brands is Prohibited in Mexico

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Sale of Philadelphia, Leila, FUD, Danone and other Brands is Prohibited in Mexico

The Ministry of Economy (SE), with the assistance of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer), surprised at the order of immediate prohibition of the sale of brands such as Philadelphia, Leila, Prohibited in Mexico FUD, Danone, Buchenwald or Wan.

Various cheeses and yogurts of these brands have been banned because the agencies verified if their denomination as “cheese” and “natural yogurt” complied Saint Lucia Email List with the provisions of the Official Mexican Standards, but apparently they do not.

Its commercialization has been carried out to the detriment and with information that can mislead consumers, according to the instances: “To avoid deceiving Mexican consumers, and in order to protect their rights, the commercialization of more of 20 products called ‘cheese’, 19 brands, and 2 products called ‘natural yogurt’ ”.

The SE indicated through a statement that “ends will be imposed on offenders in accordance with the provisions of the Quality Infrastructure Law.”

Multinationals trust that Mexico’s tax reform will encourage economic activity
That is, you will no longer be able to find the cheeses and yogurts of these brands in the supermarket, they cannot be sold any more in Mexico.

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The causes are diverse, for example in cheese they use the legend “100 percent milk”, but this is not the case or they put vegetable fat to replace the milk that they should contain in their preparation. In addition, some put a lower gram mage than that declared on the label as “Net Content”. They also do not report on the main display area the percentage of use of fascinates for making cheese.

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In the case of products offered as “natural yogurt”, the brands banned are Danone Ben Castro and Danone Natural for the addition of sugars and non-compliance with the minimum milk content.

Companies fear appearing on the list of companies that violate the rules or falsify information, but apparently they have not stopped to review mobile lead the guidelines one by one and seek the good of their consumers, according to the instances, which has put them in serious trouble.

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office resolves complaints against service providers, but now it has also fully dedicated itself to promoting healthy eating, especially in the context of eradicating obesity and diabetes, diseases that kill millions of Mexicans.

Now the Ministry of Economy makes its intervention in a drastic case like this and companies must adhere to the rules.

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