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Converse Launches its Own Version of Phosphor-Phosphor Sneakers

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Converse Launches its Own Version of Phosphor-Phosphor Sneakers

There is little a viral issue was referring to the senator from Venue Lean, Samuel Garcia and his wife, the influencer Mariana Rodriguez Cantu, who on countless occasions generate controversy over issues related to machismo in Mexico and even the theft of drugs or scams on social networks. But his last appearance of him was more enjoyable, Phosphor Sneakers placing the “phosphor-phosphor” tendency by an involuntary action.

Apparently “phosphor-phosphor” is a new way of ignoring a person when their subject is uninteresting or uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that the senator revealed the places he was going to go on the tour of his book, so in his story, he Saint Kitts and Nevis Email List wanted Mariana to appear and when he asked her “How do you see, Bernini?”, She responded with a question to his followers: “Do you want to see my tennis shoes? phosphor, phosphate ”.

On Twitter, the mockery made us wait especially for Samuel Garcia, indicating that neither his wife of he cares about his supposed career of him as a writer, but above all “phosphor, phosphor” became an answer for all occasions.

Like almost all trends, this could not go unnoticed by the brands and one that was added immediately was Netflix. He shared a meme in which Chuck is shown sitting on a table with red tennis shoes, which makes a reference to the sports shoes used by Rodriguez in his video of him.

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“- Did you see the series that I recommended?

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-… Have you seen my tennis shoes? Phosphor, phosphor ”

The Chuck 70 Hi “Glitter Shine” in “Lemon Venom / Egret / Black” brings a bold shade of luminous yellow to the historic shoe, pairing it with sparkling flames and a sparkling tongue to boot. On the medial side, there is a shiny silver-tone All Star badge stitched across the top, while the side is left clean as expected.

Add silver grommets along the top of the “Lemon Vernon” lace-up shoe threaded through them. The “Egret” sole unit is finished with black details such as a stripe running around the circumference of the mid sole and a registration plate on the heel. Completing the pair is their rubber outsold that is finished with more Converse branding.

The company has ventured into increasingly daring designs of its classics. She maintains her style that is so consumed in the world, but is attentive to trends.

The global revenue of Nike’s affiliate brand amounted to more than 1,906 million dollars during 2019, since then a slight decrease was registered mobile lead although it remained close to figures, since this year it is estimated that it will reach 1,846 million dollars, according to figures from the specialized website Statistic. The Converse Chuck 70 Hi “Glitter Shine” in “Lemon Venom / Egret / Black” can be purchased at Foot District, for about $ 112 or about 2,300 pesos.

The trend also reaches footwear brands such as Croce, which recently launched its fluorescent clogs by the hand of Bad Bunny, with which it broke the market and sold out almost immediately.

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