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PlayStation 5 launches its own clothing line for gamer

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PlayStation 5 launches its own clothing line for gamer

It’s been over a month since the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S were released, and if you’ve tried to buy one of the new consoles, it’s been quite a challenge, there were even gamer camping out or paying ridiculous prices for a console.

Reaching gamer is what all companies want at the moment, since the industry is booming, to the point that they spent 10 billion dollars only during March, 11 percent more compared to the same month in 2019, according to Nielsen’s Super Data.

That is why the company does not stop at consoles and will now take advantage of its boom to sell clothes. The set of apparel and accessories addresses Cameroon Email Address the visual language of the PS5 in a range of elements and color palettes consistent with the device.

It consists of a number of items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers and jackets lined with the Dual Sense wireless controller line of art, plus unexpected pieces, such as a unisex snowsuit and Christmas sweater, that allow wearers to wear their love for video games to real life. The collection is available on the PlayStation Gear Store.

The PlayStation 5 is greener than you think

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PlayStation, the famous brand owned by Sony, goes with everything, because not only do we sell clothes but we had previously announced that it came to board games thanks to the Paladin chain of stores, which has launched a collection of products inspired by the famous console.

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The brand thought that if everyone else is joining the video game craze, she should too and to show what Tannhauser-Busch has done in devising what it considers mobile lead the best video game console, one that can also hold a couple of cans. of cold beers. Through its Bud Light brand, it launches BL 6, a six-pack gaming PC with a built-in projector.

Even Burger King launched a campaign where it offers gamer the possibility of obtaining a copy of PS5 of the 1000 that they raffle, just for participating when buying products from the new “PS5 Menus” in their home delivery service. That is, Burger King starts a raffle for the new PlayStation product and 100 subscriptions of three months each, for both PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

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