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Nest Mini fixes bugs: better contact pronunciation and no more burned food

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Nest Mini fixes bugs: better contact pronunciation and no more burned food

Constantly customizing (personalizing) products is essential to create loyalty and a more human connection between the brand and consumers; Google knows this and that’s why they tried hard and now it’s much easier for their voice assistant, Nest Mini, to learn how to correctly pronounce the names of your contacts.

Even before the pandemic, up to 75 percent of consumers expect brands to provide consistent experiences , regardless of the channel: social media, email, website, mobile (and this involves voice assistants). Most importantly, according to Salesforce Turks and Caicos Islands Email List Research, in their report “The State of the Connected Customer , ” up to half of customers say they are likely to switch brands if it doesn’t anticipate their needs. And the trend toward requiring consistent interaction and even “empathy” was manifested in the 2020 report .

Brands that want to position themselves, in a context of channel explosion, must be able to be available to customers through voice assistants and data that can fit their functionalities. If a brand does not appear, for example, when a customer asks his assistant about a nearby restaurant, gas station or dentist, then it is as if it does not exist. In fact, according to Google, up to 67 percent of users purchase products from companies that have apps that facilitate location . That is, working on local positioning (local SEO ) and on Google Maps, will allow us to take advantage of the functionalities of voice assistants in our favor.

Professionalization is a key concept because it allows our digital marketing content to adjust not only to the identity of our clients, but to a whole range of preferences and consumption habits that they may have.

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In this sense, the update of the Google voice assistant (which was already updated for the Nest Mini but which will cover all the presentations of this tool) hits the nail on the head of professionalization.

To use this enhanced function, the user can teach the assistant the correct way to pronounce the names of their contacts in an easier way. Until now, the Google voice assistant required, to get closer to a correct diction of names, that the user entered manually and in writing exact phonetics; something tedious and complicated.

Engineer Armagnac Subbranch, who leads the Artificial Intelligence teams for Google’s voice assistant conversation systems, explained the challenge and, in turn, the way to personalize something. He first wondered what the main difficulties were, before these updates: “I think it is very unnatural” for people to first think about what they want their assistant to do and then execute or express this wish through commands. understand the device, he said. So the way was to stop thinking that the user should become a “command expert” and instead look for the reverse direction: for voice assistants to gradually become experts in the users’ language.

This is a clear lesson in the value of listening to the customer, understanding their needs and adapting products so that their use is more natural. The result will inevitably be that brands that carry out efficient rationalization processes will naturally enter people’s lives and gradually become indispensable elements for daily activities. Many times, the client does not want to be an expert in how the products we offer work, they simply want to use them and forget about everything. Delivering this and building an image around simplicity is essential for brands.

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Another update so your food doesn’t burn
One of the most critical flaws for Google at the time was the constant failure of its timer. It is assumed that the Nest Mini allowed to activate, by means of the voice, the timer, in order to know when to remove something from the fire, or from the oven mobile lead. However, on numerous occasions, for some reason, it would disappear and one no longer knew for sure how long it had been or if the cake in the oven was about to burn.

Well, many times, the point was that the voice assistant was unable to understand the exact logic of the instructions and was also unable to detect a user’s indecision. That is, if someone told you “Ok Google, set a timer for 20, no, 10 minutes”, the Nest Mini did not understand that the human had made a small indecision error and did not know what was the correct amount of time to the timer. Now you can.

This is a sample of how this artificial intelligence technology is adapting even to human error, a customization that users appreciate. Especially if we think that we consume some products precisely to make life easier.

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