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Instagramer enters supermarket with painted face mask, should influencer marketing be reconsidered?

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Instagramer enters supermarket with painted face mask, should influencer marketing be reconsidered?

It is no surprise to anyone that influencer marketing is a trend that during 2020 and apparently what this 2021 has enjoyed great popularity among marketers, however, there are actions that turn on alerts for those brands that see these characters from the network the opportunity to promote An article for example, the latest actions of a couple of Instagram who without any kind of responsibility have entered a supermarket in the middle of the health emergency without real masks but with painted face masks. Is it time to reconsider the brand-character relationship?

More and more companies are finding in influences the perfect formula to become effective advertising, there are studies that suggest that people receive much better influences with fewer followers than big stars, this happens because they feel closer, with greater Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List possibilities of interaction, so it is a dynamic market that is still seeking its place and consolidation, but these facts could interpose predicaments in its meteoric rise.

Should influencer marketing be reconsidered?
The clip shared on his Instagram account caused a wave of indignation, went viral and now citizens demand that these people be deported, given that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, at this time in that country the use of face masks in public places is mandatory.

Josh Paler Lin, from Taiwan, and Leila Se, identified in local media as Russian, painted their face masks after a security guard denied them entry to the supermarket if they were not wearing masks. The youths returned to their car, painted their faces blue emulating the mask, and returned to film themselves in the aisles of the store.

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In Bali, foreigners can be fined if they do not wear a mask and deported if they repeat the offense. Dewa Romany Rae Dharma, head of the Bali Civil Service Police, says they are thinking directly about deportation, as Josh and Leila not only violated the rules, but are “deliberately provoking in public.”

The young people in turn apologized in another video, assuring that they were not trying to disrespect anyone, but only “to entertain people.”

Actions have consequences and it matters to brands because nowadays it is very strange to meet someone who does not consume social networks, they have even become part of our daily lives and with smartphones they are consulted from anywhere we are mobile lead. In fact, it didn’t take long for advertising to realize this scenario and it didn’t take long to find a method to generate more profit without even mentioning that you are running an advertising campaign. It is known as covert advertising and is run by influences.

Influences play a very important role nowadays and it is through their presence that small and large advertising campaigns work, for this reason the responsibility of these characters is capital, in the future a debate is looming regarding their participation with brands Therefore, considering that the image And prestige of a company are in the hands of these digital ambassadors, it would not be surprising if they turned their backs on, at least, those who have this type of reprehensible actions.

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