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Multi View is The New Feature That Could Shape the Future of Televisions

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Multi View is The New Feature That Could Shape the Future of Televisions

Consumers are not only looking for televisions but also trying to relate to products that involve other types of interaction with other applications or home appliances. Future of Televisions The concept of television may no longer be the same as it was a decade ago, when we were only amazed at the idea of ​​projecting at a higher volume. Now consumers require another type of interaction with their television, for example watching different transmissions on the same screen, or checking social networks while consuming the offer of TV channels.

Under the concept of this consumer need, screens such as cell phones or tablets have become the first screen to use, for convenience and multiple Taiwan Email Address functionality. It is a common practice that while watching a soccer game, to test the entire experience we turn to Twitter to observe everything that happens there, regarding the game.

Samsung and its Multi View function

Samsung presented its news and televisions that it will offer throughout the year. The new televisions present novelties such as QLED panels and 8 K resolution, sound improvements, as well as new products in the software of the products, but one of the functions that attracted the most attention was the one that allows you to see the mobile screen directly on the TV while we play something on it. The Multi View function in Samsung TVs solves that dilemma of being able to watch the TV broadcast while watching the content of the cell phone on the same screen.

Basically what this function offers is the possibility to link your smartphone and send the image and the audio to the Samsung TV. Only then will the television be responsible for playing both transmissions at the same time, on the same screen and giving rise to a side image and observing both signals, according to Samsung there are fourteen ways to place the two windows. Until now, Samsung has not revealed more details but we know that its synchronization will be optimal with Alexei, Google Assistant and Billy, Samsung’s new smart speaker.

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Samsung its position in the market

Without a doubt, with this new device, Samsung seeks to establish itself in the display market. D and I According to data from IHS Marking, determined that 52 percent of the number of ultra large TVs sold worldwide is Samsung. In the Mexican case, the television market is on the rise, according to Daniel Aguilar, LG’s communication director, screen sales grew by 9.8 percent. It is striking that due to this growth, new brands such as Hi sense and Vizier have appeared, although the Mexican market only disputes the fight between three major brands: Samsung, Sony and LG Electronics.

All this competition has contributed to the fall of other brands like Panasonic, in 2018, in the Mexican market fell the 3 – position, preferences, number 7, according to Re forma. The Japanese company lost market by falling from 14 percent in growth to 2.5 percent mobile lead. Although now the bet of television brands is dictated by users and this in turn invariably goes towards the search for increasingly large and multinational prototypes. The competition is interesting because it positions Samsung and LG as the usual rivals.

It only remains to be seen what the opposition that LG will present will be to determine under what terms this year’s technological competition will be.

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