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Misleading Advertising? This is How They Rate the New Ferrari Model

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Misleading Advertising? This is How They Rate the New Ferrari Model

Advertising is a resource that many companies use. It is through it that businesses can make themselves known or bring their products closer to the consumer, Ferrari Model  it also serves to create brand reputation. Advertising is an indispensable aspect in commercial activity.

But exposure through advertising does not always Tajikistan Email List lead to a good place, sometimes brands reach unethical practices, so harmful that it can mean losses for advertisers, in the short term and in the long term. As is the case with Ferrari.

Ferrari embroiled in misleading advertising accusations

The Italian-based automotive company presented this Tuesday, at the Reggie Emilia theater, its new SF1000, a model destined to participate in the 1000th Grand Prix in its history in Formula One. The striking thing this time did not lie in the design of the car, neither in its technology, nor in its red investiture, but in the appearance of a logo referring to a tobacco company.

The publication Automotive indicated that the Coda cons, Union of Consumers in Italy, made the request that Ferrari be punished for carrying a logo on his car that refers to one of the largest tobacco companies in the world, Philip Morris International.

The car presented has in its design the inscription “Mission Winnow”, on the spoiler and in various areas of the lower part. In addition, it is not the first time that the team has tested the standards, the automotive company already wore that labeling previously and was forced to erase it in some countries due to the anti-smoking regulations of each region.

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Philip Morris International is a company founded in 1951 and adopted the phrase “Mission Winnow” as an epigraph that describes the pursuit of a shared goal by Ferrari and the tobacco company, excellence and innovation, this according to the CEO of the company tobacco company, Andre Calantzopoulos, prior to the start of the season in 2019.

According to a statement from the Italian National Union of Consumers (UNC) and the Consumers Association (Coda cons), “Mission Winnow, a Philip Morris logo, continues to appear on the new Ferrari, despite the fact that the Ministry of Health does some days , I have answered our complaint, clarifying that it cannot be used ”.

Covert advertising

Ferrari, unfortunately, has not been the only company convicted of misleading advertising. An example of this is the lawsuit that was filed in a California court against Apple, for issues about the size of its screen, advertising exercised a 5.8-inch screen when the natural size of the phone was 5.68 inches. In 2019, an organization also incarnated a lawsuit against a YouTube channel where a review was made about the new iPhone but without being clear about its business relationship with the brand. Even Tesla has been surprised by bragging about the safety of its cars.

Jul, was another company that was with the magnifying glass on because according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it determined that the advertising of the electronic cigarette manufacturer was misleading. Specifically, the company was said to claim that its products were safer than more traditional tobacco variants mobile lead. The company affirmed this without having a previous study that could support the affirmation. Jul skipped this step and still decided to include the phrase in their advertising.

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For an advertising campaign it is important that the owner company can verify everything said and that it has the ability to fully scrutinize the pieces that emanate from said campaign. This gesture can prevent the company from being tied to a series of legal problems, and thus see its reputation as a brand tarnished.

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