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Microsoft ridicules Apple with new rules for its stores

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Microsoft ridicules Apple with new rules for its stores

Microsoft issued a warning to Apple when it supported Epic Games in a certain way and assured it that video games will be highly affected after the veto imposed by the Recuperation Giant. The company’s support reached the courts. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, released the official statement filed.

But now he gives him a “white glove slap.” Faced with Apple’s rules that even Facebook has attacked, the firm is changing the policy in online Maldives Email List stores and hopes that it will be a guideline to follow.

At the beginning of the century Microsoft suffered multiple complaints for allegedly being a monopoly, but now, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google are the ones facing investigations for abuse of power. In a comprehensive 449-page report, Democrats in the US House of Representatives set out their recommendations to change antitrust laws and prevent anti-competitive practices, and their measures are alarming to businesses.

To avoid those problems again, Microsoft announced a set of 10 principles to run its application store for Windows devices, which leave the Recuperation Giant very bad.

“It’s wonderful to see Microsoft formally codify its long-standing principles on Windows as an open platform and fair market for all developers and consumers,” said Tim Sweeney, Epic’s CEO and founder in a statement.

And not only he has applauded the actions of the technology, but Spottily: “By embracing these principles, Microsoft will help create a level playing field for developers both large and small, provide consumers with a greater choice and hopefully encourage to other platforms to do the same “.

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This is remarkable because in fact the firm will sell its hardware and software products in the retail channel with a definitive strategic change that leads them to close the physical locations of the Microsoft Store; focusing its entire sales channel on online stores.

To start with, it promised that it will allow competing app stores on the Windows platform. You will also treat your own applications to the same standards as those of other companies.

The app store will charge reasonable fees. These reflect the competition they face in other app stores on Windows. It will not force a developer to sell within their application anything they do not want to sell.
Your app store will not prevent developers from communicating directly with their users through their apps for legitimate business purposes.

The app store will keep its own apps to the same standards as competing apps.
Microsoft will not use any non-public information mobile lead or data from its app store. Or about a developer’s app to compete with it.

In their app store they will be transparent about their rules and policies and promotional and marketing opportunities. By applying them consistently and objectively, you will provide notice of changes and provide a fair process for resolving disputes.

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