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H&M customers who no longer want a garment will be able to exchange it for another, thanks to this machine

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H&M customers who no longer want a garment will be able to exchange it for another, thanks to this machine

If there is a criticism of fast fashion companies such as Berserk, C&A, Forever 21, H&M, Mango, Showy, Unique, Benetton, Victoria’s Secret, Gap and others, it is that they are rapidly polluting the planet with the waste of their garments .

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Proffer) specifically accused the firms of the poor quality of their garments and accessories, to the extent of qualifying them as “disposable”, which is inexcusable for new generations, pending that companies are socially responsible.

However, one of the companies that responded in recent years with actions that aim to be sustainable is H&M Malta Email Address. For example, its Vast eras plant, northwest of Stockholm, supplies energy for 150,000 homes, by burning 650,000 tons of coal, but also by waste from clothing to feed the main boiler imported by the clothing company.

During 2017, the fireplace burned approximately 15 tons of clothing provided by Hennas & Maritza, but this strategy has been transformed thanks to the possibilities offered by technology and now it is the consumers themselves who will be responsible for what happens to the garments that already exist . do not use.

The future of shopping in Mexico?
The customers of H & M can now go to the store and get their disposable garments in a machine that turns almost immediately into a new garment.

The world premiere – according to the company – will operate from next Monday, October 12, at its Drottninggatan store, where a new type of laboratory was created, which can be seen through a glass container in which the customer can follow the whole recycling process .

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Circular economy, H & M’s proposal
The machine has been designed in partnership with the HKRITA Textile Research Institute and the spinning company Novelette Textiles, both based in Hong Kong, and the customer just comes in to have a new product manufactured.

It operates in eight steps: the garment is washed and then shredded into fibers, which are subsequently filtered and carded to obtain a new yarn to which some new, sustainably sourced fibers are added to reinforce it. Then comes the stage of knitting a new ready-to-wear item. No water or chemicals are used during the process, which takes a few hours.

“We are constantly exploring new technologies and innovations to help transform the fashion industry as we work to reduce dependency on virgin resources,” said Pascal Bran, H&M sustainability manager.

It is not a free process but in addition to greatly benefiting the planet, it is inexpensive, with a price of 100 Swedish crowns to those who are part mobile lead of the brand’s loyalty program (about 250 Mexican pesos), a low price in that country. In addition, those who are not part of the program, will pay only 150 Swedish crowns.

While no plan has been announced to extend the service to other stores in its global network, the recycling system could soon make a quantum leap, even at other fashion chains, as H&M says HKRITA will grant multiple licenses for the machine in order to help the sector to be more circular.

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