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How to become an expert in digital Marketing and business with

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How to become an expert in digital Marketing and business with

Did you know that one in three startups does not survive the first year after its founding? It is one of the conclusions reached by the 2018 Entrepreneurship Map referring to Spain. Today the figures are even more alarming. Having good business knowledge and knowing how to make a disruptive value proposition is worth gold today. It is also worth learning everything about Digital Marketing, one of the most demanded professions.

The problem until now has always been that taking a business master’s degree was an option that only a few could afford (since this type of training requires a large .

In addition, some of the most successful managers and entrepreneurs in the world participate in all the trainings that the school offers , including the founders of YouTube, Shazam, Waze, Netflix and Tesla . So if you have a project in mind and want to turn it into a real business, Qatar Email Address we encourage you to take a look at the content in the Movistar Campus Living App

What to learn from executive courses digital Marketing

According to Borja Adanero, founder of ThePowerMBA, creating a business consists of first identifying customer needs and then devising the corresponding value proposition .

He advises any entrepreneur to go to market as soon as possible in order to validate his business idea in a real context . It tells us what the minimum viable product really is that allows us

Once this minimum viable product works, which in the startup world is

How to enjoy ThePowerMBA in Movistar digital Marketing

Now you have the possibility of enjoying ThePowerMBA video courses from the mobile lead comfort of your living room. If you are a Movistar Fusión customer   and you  access Movistar +  through the  UHD Decoder  or  UHD Smart WiFi Decoder, you will find the “ Apps ” section in the main menu . Click on it and discover the wide catalog of Living Apps  available.

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In the ” Education and culture ” section you will see the Movistar Campus Living App, which offers you training content from different leading companies in the training sector . All the courses, talks and videos are short and easy to understand so that your learning is fun. Here you will also find a premium selection from ThePowerMBA. On the one hand, you have the contents of ” Digital Marketing 360″ , which present yo. On the other hand, you have module 1 of the ” Course for Executives “. There they will explain the three key tools to create a business and two success stories.

But we are not going to tell you everything .Enter the Movistar Campus Living App now and discover what you can comfortably learn from television. And remember what Walt Disney already said: ” All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them .” Take advantage of the fact that you have the right tools for it!

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