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Do you want to play online from anywhere? This is how network cable is laid all

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Do you want to play online from anywhere? This is how network cable is laid all

Today we use the Internet basically without wires . That is, through WiFi connectivity or through mobile data via 4G or 5G. It is comfortable, fast and avoids having the house full of cables that you can step on, break or throw . All in all, experts keep reminding us that it is best to use network cable or Ethernet cable in any home or professional network . Especially when it comes to bringing the Internet to large surfaces. But we sacrifice a bit of speed for comfort.

In any case, there are specific situations in which it is inevitable to go to the Ethernet cable. You may want to enjoy UHD or 4K content without losses, play online in a room away from the router, you may have dead spots where the WiFi does not reach and it is impossible to play without lag … For all these cases, the best option is to use cable network or Ethernet cable. But that it is the best does not imply that it is the easiest to implement.

If your goal is to play online by squeezing your fiber optics to the fullest, we suggest you create a home network using Ethernet cable that goes from your router to your room or game room. It may not be aesthetically the best, Romania Email Address but with some finesse we can hide the cable and enjoy 300MB or 600MB bandwidth without loss.

This is how network cable is laid all over your house

The best simile that we find when talking about network cable or Ethernet cable is the electrical installation. It is essential in any home, so installation is a must. Also, all the wiring is now integrated so that we only see switches and sockets. But on Internet issues, there is still a long way to go.

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There are new buildings that have some network cabling installation already integrated, but they are anecdotal. In addition, the popularity of WiFi and the arrival of 5G make it unfeasible for us to have our homes with network cable in every room in the future . So we will have to be the ones who make it possible.

The first question is, is it worth all the effort? The quick answer is: a network cable or Ethernet cable, it offers a speed of 10 GB / s . If your fiber optic is 600MB, you will get that 600MB. But if you want to connect devices to each other via cable, you will get higher speeds if you create a home network to play locally .

Regarding the speeds offered by PLC networks, you can currently reach speeds of between 1 and 2.4 Gbps. In addition, the devices offer several Ethernet ports, so that we can run cable for several computers without problems.

In short, with the network cable we will obtain a high-speed home network to play locally and we will not see speed loss when playing online if we connect to the Internet. Otherwise, the options available on the market allow you to create a network with little effort and adapting to our technical knowledge .

Taking the network cable to every corner

Obviously, the main ingredient is the network cable or Ethernet cable. A simple glance at any online store shows us that there are cables for all tastes. From 0.25 meters to 15 meters . And if you are concerned about them being more or less visible, currently there are different colors and even flat network cables have become popular , which are easier to integrate into walls or floors.

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Depending on the distances that we must bridge for our home network, we will surely need to resort to longer cables. There are 30, 50, 75 and up to 100 meters. In some cases they already come with their corresponding heads or RJ45 connectors . If not, we will have to do some crafts.

Another element that we will surely need will be a Switch . Its electrical equivalent is the old power strip. A Switch is basically a device that allows us to connect four, five, eight, ten or more RJ45 cables or Ethernet cable. With one or more of these devices we can organize our home network by managing the cabling between rooms . This way we will avoid pulling too much cable from the router.

One of the trickiest issues is the one that has to do with the walls and other architectural elements that separate each of the rooms in our house or an office. In this sense, it is inevitable to use the drill to pass the cable. mobile lead Unless we can take advantage of the electrical installation .

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