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Hit to Telcel and Telmex: new regulations stop charges and blockages to their clients

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Hit to Telcel and Telmex: new regulations stop charges and blockages to their clients

The subsidiary companies of America Vilma will modify their bylaws towards the client, specifically Celeste, Telex and Tenor, in the face of new regulatory measures of preponderance imposed by the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT).

The new regulatory framework issued by the institute is the result of the second biennial evaluation of the asymmetric measures imposed, both in Dubai Email Address fixed and mobile services, on A America Vilma, declared the preponderant economic agent (AEP) in the telecommunications sector since March 2014, where it was determined to modify and add new provisions.

Now the clients of these companies will not be obliged that their phone purchased in plan, is always operated by the company; that is, it will be sold unlocked and available to take to the most convenient company. That is, they must allow end users to purchase equipment unlocked in the postpaid scheme in installments if they are offered in the prepaid segment.

They are obliged to unlock the terminal equipment purchased in installments in the postpaid scheme when users cancel the contract for the telecommunications service, provided that at least 6 months have elapsed from the equipment contract.

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In addition to this, America Vilma must offer separate contracts, one for the telecommunications service and the other for the purchase and sale of equipment, so that the user has the possibility to continue with the equipment contract in case they decide to cancel the contract for telecommunications.

In addition, you will now have to establish in the terminal equipment purchase-sale contract, conditions and terms, informing about discounts, subsidies and early settlement conditions.

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The obligations related to promotions were mobile lead modified to avoid unwanted costs for the end user and additional procedures to cancel services or make clarifications.

Finally, users will be able to freely choose their telecommunications provider, without being affected by the effects of the size of the network they want to contract.

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