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Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer arrives to take market away from Pura Piranha

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Michelob Ultra Hard Seltzer arrives to take market away from Pura Piranha

Michelob Ultra is one of the beer brands that are offered in the Mexican market from one of the three large companies that operate in the country, Group Model. However, she will now be known for her hard seltzer.

Figures point to the hard seltzer market reaching $ 550 million in sales by 2020 and $ 2.5 billion by 2021, according to an estimate cited by Business Insider Ecuador Email Address. Thus, Group Model ventures to compete in this market under the Michelob brand to gain ground from Heineken’s Pure Piranha.

The brewing company is committed to seltzer beverages, taking advantage of the best-selling premium light brand in the country, which becomes the first hard seltzer available to the Mexican consumer as an extension of a premium beer brand.

It will be available in four innovative natural flavors developed specifically for the Mexican market: lemon cucumber, strawberry watermelon, mango peach and spicy pineapple, with a touch of 4.2 percent alcohol, gluten free and with 98 calories.

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For Alejandro Gutierrez, director of Premium Brands at Group Model: “we are sure that with this light and refreshing proposal we will gain ground in the market”. It will be marketed in the main chains of the country in the coming days.

Meanwhile, his archival Heineken, launched in Mexico its Pure Piranha hard seltzer drink, a mineral water drink, with alcohol and a touch of natural flavors with 4.5 degrees of alcohol and 2 grams of carbohydrates, in addition to 99 calories. It was the first to bring this segment to the country, a flavored category of two million helicopters.

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The hard seltzer has its boom in the United States, but it extends throughout the world, in that nation it has tripled its sales during the past year, thanks to the fact mobile lead that new generations are in search of low-calorie drinks. The youngest are demanding and special consumers who seek to protect their health, according to data from Nielsen.

So much so that Coca-Cola also has its option on the market, with a version of its popular Toto Chico mineral water. The soft drink giant wants to have all kinds of drinks in its portfolio and for this it goes hand in hand with Toto Chico Hard Seltzer, a version of the drink with alcohol.

Now the Mexican market has at least three options for consumers, two after recognized brands and the third as a new brand that hit first in the Mexican nation. The only thing missing is the option of the big room: Jarlsberg Group.

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