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Gen ZEOs: the new wave of leaders that companies will manage

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Gen ZEOs: the new wave of leaders that companies will manage

Gen ZEOs: the new wave of leaders that companies will manage

Segmenting and determining the characteristics of new consumers is fundamental in marketing and in the same way it is determining how they will be the leaders in companies, in constant change. Attention, prior to their arrival, must once and for all focus on Gen ZEOs.

Leadership implies the enormous responsibility of bringing trends to fruition, but not only for economic purposes, but also influencing social Paraguay Email List developments, which is why it is so important to know what interests each of the leaders from now on.

How to keep in touch with your coworkers while working remotely
Millennial have had their time at the forefront of firms and consumption. The generation made up of those born between the 80 s and 90 s, specifically between the years 1981-1995, are the largest group of consumers worldwide and in Mexico. , represent 46 percent of the population, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

They have promoted a labor policy of rewards beyond money, of challenging companies to promote labor practices of respect for the integrity of employees and rewards as constant professional preparation. In fact, Kan tar World panel Mexico shared the Great Place to Work analysis that one of the main motivators is that the company’s purpose is connected to its life project.

But in the case of the new generations, specifically Generation Z, which comes to replace the Millennials, the requests and practices are different and that will be reflected in the new wave of leaders that the companies will manage. Although the Millennial were pioneers in the digital subject, the Z go many levels ahead and are natives of this world, they have new rules.

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Gen ZEOs Features
Accolade Group undertook an analysis with more than 5000 young people giving a clear picture about the Gen ZEOs and its characteristics.

They go for social skills, not professionals. The new leaders will be those who become skilled communicators and have creative abilities. In fact, 70 percent are setting the mark to perfect their soft skills over hard skills, which in previous generations had been so important. The offices will be more relaxed about schedules and uniforms, but in reality it will be more complex to highlight because soft skills can be more complex to learn.

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They weigh curiosity. Your strongest skills should be curiosity, learning agility, adaptability and creativity, even about traditions, and which almost everyone puts on their resume, punctuality, work under pressure, and so on. The most valued professionals are those who do things that others cannot, even if old practices have to be put aside.

Value of learning in practice more than theory. To be concise, 55 percent trust that experience will be more important than professional mobile lead preparation, to the point that 51 percent consider that the ZEOs during 2050 may not have a university degree or there will be very few, they really would not have a career professional and still run a huge company.

Online courses more than schools. An impressive percentage is 23 percent of those who consider that they will follow a traditional zero education, online courses, diplomas, masters, careers, but all online. This comes perfect with the new world panorama in which almost everything is executed via digital, classes, home office, shopping, but it seems that the ZEOs will accentuate much more this practice that requires a much more developed and broad communication skill of the that is customary today.

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