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Disney Channel Seeks New Global COM, Old Chief Marketing Officer Left for Africa

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Disney Channel Seeks New Global COM, Old Chief Marketing Officer Left for Africa

It would seem that every few months, even weeks, a company of global stature has a new vacancy in its marketing team, be it on a global or regional scale. It was only three weeks since GAP CMO Legal O’Hare left her post. This, less than a year after she joining the team of the clothing and accessories brand. Left for Africa And at the end of 2019, it was reported the departure of Robert Rios, Pepsi’s marketing leader, who joined a digital site.

Throughout 2020, there are likely to be more resignations, layoffs and rotations at the most influential brands. And it is that the CMO environment for 2020 looks quite complex. According to CMS Wire, these experts will continue to grapple Switzerland Email Address with innovation and customization. Forbes believes that they must also improve their integration with technology and other departments. For its part, Marketing Insider Group points out that there will be challenges in customer service and multichannel.

Of course, business challenges will not be the same in all businesses and companies. Just as there will be CMOs who are removed from their position due to lack of results, there will be others who will want to join new companies, either looking for other challenges or growth. This would mean that companies must work not only on the retention of their managerial talent. But they will also have to prepare for resignations that are not rooted in the marketing sector.

There is an attractive vacancy as a global CMO at Disney
This is relevant due to the news reported by The Drum. John Rood, who was Disney Channel’s chief marketing officer for more than three years, suddenly left his position. This was officially reported to all company employees through a letter from the company’s president and Chief Creative Officer, Gary Marsh. The expert said that he fully respects and supports the former collaborator in his new adventure outside the organization.

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Related Notes
And it is that the marketing director did not leave precisely because of problems with the rest of the management team, due to poor performance or to join a new company. Rood confirmed, also through a letter, that he would be joining his wife from him in Malawi, Africa, on a philanthropic mission. Specifically, it is expected that it will begin to work within the Formidable Joy organization, to provide clean water in the region. It is not known who could fill his position of him in the future.

A problem that surpasses marketing
Along with Rood, other top executives of international brands and companies recently stepped down from their positions. Chevrolet VP of Marketing Paul Edwards left the automaker last week. A day earlier, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Wiener was also said to be exploring new job opportunities. At the end of January, the Hallmark director also stopped collaborating with his brand, but under quite different conditions.

Much has been said about burnout and the search for purpose among company personnel. However, most organizations believe that it only refers to employees who are, so to speak, at the bottom of the pyramid. But if the resignations of these brands mobile lead show something, and specifically the departure of the director of global marketing of Disney Channel, it is that it also affects the upper sphere. And it is a serious challenge.

Finding a replacement for the best talent in the company alone could represent significant losses for virtually any company. But when it comes to a manager (marketing or any other area), it also represents a cut in the future plans of the business. All organizations must ensure that their employees are satisfied not only with their financial benefits, but that their social purpose is clear.

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