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CTV (Connected Television) Terminology Guide for Buyers Orlando Uribe, Director, Xandr Mexico

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CTV (Connected Television) Terminology Guide for Buyers Orlando Uribe, Director, Xandr Mexico

A few years ago, we shared the terms that needed to be known when it comes to CTV. All terms are still relevant, but the accelerated growth of this content delivery model has generated even more terminologies and nuances that buyers need to understand in order to make profitable and strategic advertising investment decisions.

Consumption models
Video on Demand (VOD) is an interactive television technology that enables consumers to watch
content as it is streamed in real time or download shows and watch them later. In addition, consumers can access various programs and content El Salvador Email Address through various applications. When it comes to CTV, there are two key VOD formats that are important to understand.

SVOD – Subscription Video On-Demand (SVOD) provides users with a premium, ad-free experience for a subscription fee, which generally includes unlimited content consumption. Examples include HBO Max, Disney +, Netflix, and Apple TV +.

AVOD – Advertising on Video On Demand (AVOD) offers a streaming model that can be free or at a reduced price and includes banner ads. Under this model, advertising revenue is used to offset production and other hosting costs. Pluto TV is a provider that offers this model at a reduced price and includes advertisements.

BVOD – Video On Demand Streaming (BVOD) delivers high-quality, long-form video content that is controlled, enabled, and viewed at the viewer’s discretion after or before it is broadcast on television. Content is funded through the use of pre-roll (before video content) or mid-roll (during video content) in predetermined ad breaks, which seek to mimic the television experience.

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TVOD: Transaction Video On Demand (TVOD) enables consumers to purchase content through pay-per-view (pay-per-view). Examples include Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s video store.


In order to get the most out of their investment, brands must ensure that their ads are not competing for consumers’ attention. At the same time, publishers (owners of a media / web space on which advertisements are placed) must ensure mobile lead that they do not bore viewers by repeatedly broadcasting the same advertisements. That’s why features like frequency capping (explained in our previous guide) and competitive separation are important.

Competitive Separation: Ensures that the categories and brands represented in a publisher’s ad group do not conflict or compete with each other. For the end consumer, this reduces ad fatigue and enables brand messages to reach consumers in a more powerful way.


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