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B2B marketing trends that can’t be ignored in 2021

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B2B marketing trends that can’t be ignored in 2021

In 2021, companies in the B2B segment will also have to consider the trends that are becoming present in the world of marketing. Many are the changes that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, while others have already been gaining popularity for some time and therefore it is important to update with those actions that will be most relevant for the majority of B2B marketing teams. Thinking about it, this time we will see some of the trends that have already been estimated for 2021 so that you can consider them for your company.

According to Business 2 Community, these are some of the trends in B2B marketing that brands and companies cannot lose sight of during the coming year:

The growing dominance of artificial intelligence
Regarding this first trend, the source highlights that artificial intelligence has made some interesting advances in the B2B marketing section, for example, automating strategies with attractive tools such as chat bots. But there is more, the so-called AI also allows Cambodia Email List analysis, processes and operations based on data. According to the source, at least one in five organizations already uses technology-driven marketing to gain better insights, faster analytics, and streamline routine tasks.

It is generally understood that AI is helping companies unlock the potential of their data, making it an increasingly popular or trending element.

Reddit hires former Facebook chief marketing officer
Original and witty content
Channels such as social networks can differentiate B2B marketing strategies, as is the case in the B2C segment, but it is the content that is considered key in these spaces to achieve this. As you already know, content is king and if it is not treated with respect there is no way to succeed with it.

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It takes long-term content strategy tactics to see results, and many firms have already noticed this. They are leveraging original and ingenious materials. Particularly the source indicates that they develop points such as the following:

They publish content based on keyword research.
Long-form and short-form mixed content pieces.
They sell that content to clients, executives and partners.
They generate subscribers and followers for your business.
They adopted paid promotional strategies to get their content to the top of search engines.
The general idea is to promote content that is genuine to enjoy a better return on investment.

Voice searches
While voice search started as a grocery store list aggregator and note takers, now consumers use it to play their favorite songs, ask questions, and get directions.

With the above in mind, voice search is in great demand by today’s public and, according to the source, more than one billion searches around the world are performed through this medium.

What is striking is the promise it holds, as the number of searches is expected to reach 5 billion in 2021 and 6.4 billion in 2022.

These figures give an idea of ​​its opportunistic nature and why this new trend should be part of B2B marketing strategies.

Targeted Marketing for Retention
One of the golden rules of this type of marketing is that you should listen to new customers, but worship loyal consumers, that is, what is there should be preserved and appreciated.

This is because selling a product to an existing customer will always be easier and less tiring than introducing it to a new person. These B2B marketing trends require a set of activities that maintain and facilitate customer relationships, ensuring continuous sales and a lower cost per sale.

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Multichannel Marketing Strategies
Finally, in 2021 companies cannot lose sight of multichannel marketing.

According to the source, the word multichannel has been buzzing in the marketing world for several years now and it has definitely become a prominent idea in the area of ​​B2B marketing.

No longer do you have to choose just one channel for your efforts, but instead follow an multichannel marketing approach to ensure customers can find your business everywhere.

This type of marketing facilitates interactions between the brand and the customer on various devices. In addition, for companies that adopt multichannel mobile lead strategies, customer retention rates can be up to 91 percent higher compared to those that do not.

Predictive analysis
Predictive analytics can be understood as synonymous with personalized recommendations, using patterns of behavior from previous users, consumption and purchase graphs to provide identifiable and more relevant results.

If some could argue that this point applies more to companies in the B2C segment, we must not lose sight of the fact that customers in the B2B segment are also consumers, and their buying behavior is similar to the consumer’s attitude in the other section.

Productive analysis involves predicting future results considering historical data and analysis techniques. New technologies such as statistical modeling and machine learning.

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