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Are you a marketing professional looking for professional training? This interests you

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Are you a marketing professional looking for professional training? This interests you

What distinguishes one good professional from another? Many believe that it is crucial to be in control of certain beneficial habits and attitudes to advance a career. Still others believe that the ability to adapt to sudden market changes is essential . Some others assure that it is all about making the right decisions to maximize your trajectory. But really, the key to any great expert, especially in marketing, is training.

Do not forget that the industry is constantly changing. And as professionals who specialize in bringing brand messages to users, marketing experts must always be on the lookout for all the news. Many of these changes can only be known with experience Brunei email address. But in many subjects, training is the fastest and most efficient way to develop valuable knowledge and skills for companies.

A training platform
This is where projects like come in . This website has quickly become one of the main references of education and specialized training within Mexico in the marketing sector. Not only does it have an infinity of courses, suitable for different levels of professionals. It is also the host of some of the largest events in the industry, with great exponents of the most successful and prolific brands in Latin America.

The platform has more than 20 years of experience in training within Mexico and the rest of the region. All the lecturers and professors are leaders in the industry, so they have a very clear and intimate view of the biggest trends in the sector mobile lead. In total, it already brings together tens of thousands of recurring students, and has more than 200 specialized events in the sector. It has also managed to close deals with a hundred commercial sponsors.

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Currently, the training platform is offering courses and events online, in the wake of the health crisis. Among its webinars and digital conferences, there are professional cycles on how to make a good brief , how social media algorithms work, and what the Whats App API is. It also has online summits, specializing in content marketing and social media.

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