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Now it is hybrid: e-commerce does not yet reign over physical purchases, but it does influence the process

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Now it is hybrid: e-commerce does not yet reign over physical purchases, but it does influence the process

Although consumer habits today are different and the digitization of companies is an issue that everyone should be involved in, the reality is that there are old habits that are very difficult to uproot from consumers and one of them is their shopping experience. Consumers continue to prefer physical stores and get to know their product to only stay at the level of observing their photographs on a web page, however a growing trend is to take advantage of the benefits offered by the network and pres elect a product to later arrive at the establishment and specify the purchase, e-commerce is not the king yet, but it has become a fundamental tool in this time of pandemic.

The best of both worlds: e-commerce as a form of physical choice
The pandemic accelerated e-commerce sales in 2020. Before COVID-19, e-commerce sales accounted for between 10 and 20 percent of the revenue of fashion retailers, depending on the sophistication and scope of their online platforms Bulgaria Email List. In the face of the challenges that Covid represented, these numbers doubled to 40 percent, or even more, and are now averaging around 26 percent, with the start of vaccination and the ability of people to get out and about. live with greater freedom.

These numbers are actually impressive and underscore a real shift in the consumer towards constant online consumption of a wide range of products – from grocery store products to furniture and clothing. And companies like Amazon, Target and Walmart, which offer a wide range of products in one place, have become the leaders.

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However, what is particularly fascinating about these numbers is that even at the height of the pandemic, 60 percent or more of sales were still being made in physical stores. And instead of online sales remaining at 40 percent, they are down, suggesting that in-person purchases are even more attractive to consumers. Although consumers appreciate the convenience and convenience of shopping online, shopping is not just about the purchase itself. Especially when it comes to fashion, where it’s usually less about the piece we buy and more about the experience of finding something, trying it on, and buying it.

Many experts estimate that 65 percent or more of in-store purchases involve a digital component. This means customers connect first online, whether it’s searching for the perfect dress or pants, finding the store location, or even shopping online before physically purchasing or going to the store to pick up the piece. Or, the customer is online at the same time they are shopping in the store, whether it is listening to music, chatting on Face Time with a friend to ask for style advice, or even buying a garment from a competitor.

What’s more, the main way consumers interact with brands today is online. In other words, while consumers may still prefer to shop at a physical store, the digital world is defining and driving the entire experience as a hybrid.

Deep changes
This reality requires a major change from retail leaders, where most decisions about online purchases have been based on traditional models of physical stores; and where digital has been seen as an additional element rather than the driving force behind mobile lead consumer purchasing behavior. And this requires them to realize that the interaction between brand and consumer is fundamentally different and difficult to maintain.

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After all, the start of the consumer journey probably starts with a Google search or a question to Alexei. Finally, this shift to a digital-led business also requires a new type of employee skills, which combine technology and data knowledge, with traditional roles in marketing, purchasing, planning, logistics and administration. And this requires agility and flexibility to stay competitive, regardless of seasonal trends.

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