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Apple Music in check for this simple Spotify move

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Apple Music in check for this simple Spotify move

As we reported this morning, Spottily begins the last month of 2020 with the revealing account of what is trending and what digital users are consuming, for which it released the list of the most listened to artists worldwide. .

It is impressive that Bad Bunny shows the overwhelming power of reggae ton in the world and that it dominates the list of the top five positions and has Iran Email Address managed to add more than 8.3 billion views on the platform. But that is in general, in the world and in addition to this, the Bootstrapped arrives.

Digital users are fascinated with the possibility of having their own list of the most popular, their personalized list of what they listened to the most during the year, so those who already have the option share their musical tastes, although some others focused on asking that the option comes to them.

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But beyond this, in addition to this trend there is another one that leaves Spottiness’s competition in a bad way and it is Apple Music. The users of the Recuperation Giant platform are in check at the comments of Spottily users, mocking that they do not have the possibility of knowing what is most listened to, either in general or in particular, they are simply out of the conversation and trends.

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This shows Apple Music an important area of ​​opportunity, something that they can correct and take advantage of as Spottily does year after year and that YouTube also puts to use. In fact, the Google platform is holding a macro event with YouTube Rewind, which this year was canceled but which still had a more discreet execution, at the insistence of its users that they generate some type of list. Since 2010, a count has been made of the best that was presented on its platform throughout the year, but this 2020 will be the exception, since there are no conditions to count it as in previous versions.

Although Apple Music does not lead its segment, unlike Spottily, with impressive figures such as adding 15 million monthly active users only in the first three months of 2020, with a total of 286 million, the rival platform also fights in the segment mobile lead with updates and mergers at the forefront, although it seems that the only thing its users want is a list with the most listened to.

The segment is competitive because it offers millionaire opportunities. More than 90 percent of users of streaming music services said they had a subscription to at least one and that it was good or very good. While 3 percent of the interviewees evaluated the quality of the services as bad or very bad.

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